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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Second Birthday

Mother with her daughter

Birthday Girl! Second Birthday!

Grandma and her grandson

Barbs granddaughter turned two. I attended a dinner in her honor. There were four loving children in attendance; it was such a joy for me to watch the kids play, entranced in glee. It just seems to spread happiness everywhere!

Their individual little personalities always amaze me, an intricate life puzzle that can take years to figure out. The ability to spot innate character traits is more apparent now that I’m older, and well removed from raising youngsters.

In the mix was a determined little eight month old. He spent ages focused on getting up to walk. The lean athlete just knows automatically what to do with any toy that has a physical dimension to it. Two maternal little angels, one taking care of her doll, the others taking care of the younger child. Wise beyond his years another young man, very articulate in nature, was born just knowing things. At eleven he has a fascination with baking and the dynamics of food. It’s intriguing for me to see all the kids interact in such a loving way. I was fortunate to witness such a special day!


paris parfait said...

Beautiful photos of the happy occasion!

giggles said...

Yes a really enjoyable night!

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