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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Stranger in the Night!

Barb Chris and Laura

Strangers singing Happy Birthday!

Laura and Barb

Last night was another goddess birthday. We ate at a restaurant called FRONDS; personally I found the food to be reasonable and rather good. I’d go back for sure. As planned as the night seemed to be, there were many unpredictable moments. Barbs beautiful cake toppled over in the car on the way to the beach. She was a great sport, after being doused in chocolate icing. With sticky hands and hair she managed to look as gorgeous as ever.

Feeling somewhat anemic and touch nauseous I managed to trudge along for the night, stopping at every washroom along the way. We settled at a picnic table after sundown, and the creatively crafted cake drew birthday greeters. Small groups passed by and shared the birthday song for our goddess. Quite comical that so many people were interested in what we were all about.

Enmeshed in our intimate conversations a German man around fifty five stopped by when he saw the whole cake had disappeared. We had wrapped it up for home. He had a spiritual message. He declined our offer of cake, informing us of his Friday fast, brashly adding that the cake may not be up to his standard of German excellence. He presumptuously sat beside me; his personal body smell was offensive to me. It wasn’t that he was unclean, it was just the chemistry of the man did not mesh with my nostrils.
He was crass and annoying; I just wanted him to vamoose. Do you hear a little menopausal intolerance in my tone? Laugh out loud; yes I have no time for obnoxious people at this stage in my life!

Parking was very pricey at two dollars an hour. With three cars it cost a total of twenty four dollars for the evening. We should have taken one car! Certain parts of the night were fun, I wasn’t up to snuff and had a blasting headache when I arrived home.

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