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Monday, August 28, 2006



A dark place with too many glitches
Clogged contortions of mass proportions
Upheaval with no resolution
Misguided personal constitutions
Wrong directions, modest selections
Immense imperfections
Plummeting upon one
Lone soul


miss*R said...

thankyou, thankyou for visiting my blog xo & now I have found yours, I will be visiting often. you like the Celestine Prophecy - me too :)
I like this poem of yours, I know nothing about styles of poetry but this, I like.

giggles said...

Thank you for visiting and the nice compliment.....I really enjoy your blog, and sent one of my friends your interesting chocolate swap. I have an aversion to snail mail, otherwise I may have participated!

paris parfait said...

I think we've all had times like that - your poem describes it so perfectly! Thank you. Hope everything improves soon. Stay strong and keep smiling! xo

giggles said...

I have the love of incredible friends and a wonderful family, so that’s always something to hang onto during rough times! Despite the difficulties, I always feel blessed!
Thanks for the love!

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