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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Scribblings "The Monster"

Sunday Scribblings
"The Monster"
There’s a monster inside
It’s run amok with my life
It’s been around for years,
Comfortable using its protection
I catered to it’s every whim
Performing to its desires
Feeding its ego
Even telling it what it needed to hear
It seemed to play well with others,
Yet I have witnessed it destroy
a valuable friendship
as I stood idly by
Letting it wreak havoc
Void of solutions
Frozen by fear
Oh, it’s so pretty in its demeanor
You’d never imagine
the fury it can cause
with love and finances
Fooled, yes I was duped
As are so many others
I carried a façade
Instigated by the monster,
It was always there
With me, every waking moment
We went everywhere together
It knew all my secrets
It presented well
I thought it was my friend
I was never embarrassed by it
Until recently
But really,
Not revealing my authentic self
I was only deceiving my soul
For years I hid behind the large mass
My monster


paris parfait said...

Very fine poem, with an unexpected twist at the end. Well done, you!

giggles said...

Thank you Tara!

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