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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Circle Encounters

Last night I went to bed at a decent time, but alas, woke up with a start. No reason, except menopausal mania. I got up, made some Starbucks orange tea and honey, flicked on the television. Fanny Keifer was interviewing Author Charlotte Gray who wrote “The Reluctant Genius” about the somewhat eccentric yet passionate Alexander Graham Bell. Charming interview that captured my full attention.

Fanny’s second guest was Maureen Fitzgerald who’s in Vancouver promoting her book “One Circle”. She was explaining how to tap into the power of those who know you best. Ms. Fitzgerald endorses creating intimate circle meetings amongst respected people, where you can foster enough trust to enable development of skills to achieve goals, and generate change that helps you to become empowered.

For a few dinners my Goddess friends frequented this one restaurant called the Pepper House. Although the service wasn’t the best, the food was excellent the ambience a delight, we all sat in a circle booth. Something magical always happened on the nights we sat at that restaurant. No, we weren’t served quality coffee we all craved, but the wine was good, the owner was a doll who always selected the superior dishes for us and discretely disappeared enabling us to have intimate conversations. Instead of talking in pairs, we tended to alternate talking in the circle. It was an amazing experience. I’m deaf in one ear, yet I was able to see everyone and read lips on the occasions I didn’t catch every word. Having experienced these great round table sessions among friends makes me even more fascinated to read Maureen’s book. Wondering what the allure of the circle is, how and why it works so well. Ms. Fitzgerald feels there are some inexplicable spectacular changes that take place within these trusted circles, and is planning on expanding the dynamic of this practice, which is similar to the old school, once popular quilting bees, and Natives sacred circles.

Both books have grabbed my attention.


paris parfait said...

Intriguing idea about the circles. As for round tables, they're the best for conversation and diplomacy. :)

miss*R said...

I am feeling really scattered too at the moment. what the hell is going on with us meno. women? but I just wanted to come say hi - nothing more intelligent to say - but wanted to tell you I had visited xo

Kai said...

Aloha Giggles.. All life is a circle..and what comes around , goes around.. now where are my crayons in the circle bucket!!??
PEace, Kai

Gemma said...

Would enjoy sitting in a circle group with you.

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