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Monday, September 18, 2006

No bloggy....too much to do!

Things I have been doing for the last few days.

1) got the master cylinder in my car replaced
2) an oil change, with spark plugs and filter change plus some other $65.00 part replaced
3)that’s all done, and we find I need new brakes
4) then he gets the front brakes done…..and can’t get the back ones off
5) So that means another day and way more money to get the back ones done
6) visited my friend with the little guy whose disabled, he seems to have accomplished more in seven months than he has in two years prior to that.
7) Held and coddled her new 5 pound premature baby for a long time and loved it….normally I stay clear of babies…. I love children and little kids over two
I have a special bond with Selina who is now 36 was Peppers baby sitter when she was little. We’ve been friends for years now.
8) Made cookies with my other friends 10 year old boy, his dad was fixing my car, and spoke with her 23 year old who’s a brilliant girl in university. Also spoke with her 22 year old son who I haven’t seen in a few years. Those kids spent almost every weekend at my house when they were little.
9) Then my good friend Laura popped by with a bottle of wine, who could refuse that….I haven’t seen her in a while it was great to catch up.
10) I had no choice but to take a few naps on Sunday….I have had an excruciating back for almost a week, which I feel is probably a virus…..because a few days later my daughter had it.
11) Some of Bryan’s family is visiting tonight. Two of his sisters are getting married next summer.
12) My friend Brenda is coming this week from Kelowna
13) I was frustrated because my pictures wouldn't download onto blogger, yeah now they are!

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paris parfait said...

Yep, you seem just a little busy. :) Hang in there!

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