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Friday, September 29, 2006

Hot Flash

I’ve had a rash of moderate body heat elevation for quite a few years now. So I was quite surprised by my first official HOT FLASH that appeared two nights ago. My pale pasty while anemic looking face (instigated by "The flow") was flared red. OMG I'm flushing! I haven’t been that crimson since I was pregnant with Pepper. I chuckled amongst the shock. I’ll be saving money on rouge I guess. There was no evidence of sweat beads on my forehead like my portly aunt used to have. I sighed with relief. Am I fooling myself, could the perspiration nightmare be skulking around the corner? Coming into winter I can hopefully keep it at bay. Providing I maintain my trend of layering clothing. I used to wonder why my mother owned so many white sleeveless tops. Pepper won't have to speculate about my many black ones. I am a least keeping her abreast of these lovely lady functions. That way she won’t wonder what happened to her jovial fun mommy, when the permanent PMS monster comes out to play. I’m trying to go all natural with this menopause thing. How natural can it be, flashing like a stop sign at the most inopportune moments? The fan is my friend. We spend many hours together lately. Note to self, I need to find a portable purse fan!

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Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

ah the world of that inner glow, that moment of spontaneous combustion, the proverbial power surge......ah,who am I kidding? HOT FLASHES! portable purse fans are fantastic. I bought a product called Hot Flash Relief Body Mist on a weekend away awhile back. Check out the stores site www.exoticnature.com The only problem is that it's in a glass bottle so carrying it in my bag is a bit iffy.
in menopausal sisterhood, I welcome you.

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