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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mikey in the Middle

Mike flanked by the brothers Bryan and Dave.

Mikes back, the boys showed up Sunday night for a BBQ which Bryan skillfully cooked. Band practice turned into a homecoming for Mike. It was cool to see this guy we all love, leave as a kid, and return as a MAN. Mike lived with me for a stint when he was eighteen. I still feel there is a forever bond I will have with him. Never any trouble, a good human being, I always enjoyed his company. A very intelligent person with great manners he was always willing to help. At times Pepper and Mike were at odds because she had some difficulty sharing me with another. Yet she missed him when he was away, being an only child, I think Mike fills a sibling void for her. She was so excited to see him too. Sometimes people just need a soft place to fall, my abode has always been that place.


Kai said...

Your heart is bigger then the planet Ms giggle goddess!! What a nice homecoming for a great bunch of lads.Post happy ones to Mikey!!
Peace, Kai.

Gemma said...

I really enjoy all of my kids friends too. We always had a house full.(Still do...now it's grandkids) Full Nest Syndrome!
Your pictures are always happy and everyone looks like they are having FUN!

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