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Monday, September 25, 2006

Joansing to blog

It was just a grand weekend. So much activity, I shared time with such great people. No more depressing poetry. I was however Joansing to blog all weekend long. Every so often I’d sneak up to read a few lines, just to get my fix.

Brenda’s the friend who had a stroke thirty months ago; she suffers with some difficulty in auditory processing which affects her speech. Yet this psychologist plans to get her doctorate degree, and wanted some assurance of the possibility of full recovery. Therefore we met up with Heather, a wonderful lady who is fourteen years recovered. She was kind enough to meet us on spur of the moment. After a pleasurable, informative few hours Brenda walked away with the best Birthday present of the day….”HOPE”!

We spoke extensively about all the different ways she may be able to improve her aphasia. We learned so much from Heather. One day I believe Brenda will be conducting seminars, further educating medical professionals about the many misconceptions surrounding stroke victims.

Both women have children who’ve successfully forged ahead in their lives. Within a few years of Brenda’s stroke, two of her children were married and she has two grandsons, One daughter moved to New York from British Columbia and the other is in business school and working two jobs. While Heathers daughter went down South to school and is now living and working in a hospital in Florida and playing professional soccer, her son travels the globe and is a famous male model whose face graces the many posters displayed in our department stores.

Fourteen years ago when I first met Heather, I couldn’t have imagined the fruition of bringing these two women together this weekend. I am profoundly proud of these special ladies who’ve defied all odds to become stronger than ever. Ultimately they’ve raised their children to be resilient, much like themselves!


Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

HOPE - a simple four letter word that we can't ever let go of,it holds all our dreams. so for Brenda it was probably THE greatest gift ever. Thank you for sharing that. My sil had a stroke a year ago and her recovery has been amazing.

Maryellen said...

I truly believe the body cannot heal from many disorders unless the mind sends a strong message of HOPE. I'm so glad you friend has found that. Beautiful story, great journey. My thoughts and heart are right there. p.s. I'm disabled but I hike. That is HOPE at work.

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