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Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Sunday Scribblings" Fortune Fantasy

Sunday Scribblings

Fortune Fantasy

This fortune sits taped to my fridge,
A thought for me to ponder
As I read it, again today
It’s caused my thoughts wander

Why did I place it on my fridge?
Was it even mine at all?
This tiny piece of paper
Which I barely can recall

I have my new glasses now
Small words seem much brighter
Are they even pertinent?
to a mediocre writer

Will I devise a miraculous fad?
So I can make a million
Or develop a unique idea?
That generates a billion

I‘d distribute money, in abundance
For women who face abuse
Or children with dyslexia
Discounted as obtuse

With a dream of Philanthropy
I’d share my hordes of wealth
Would I feel obligated?
To donate to mental health

The words upon the fortune
Have caused a mighty dream
And yet to be famous
May not be as some would deem

It may not generate affluence
Honor or personal glee
I may lose the innate fiber
Required to be me

Did I think it feasible?
For those words to ensue
Curiosity’s been ignited
As possibilities imbue


hundred and one said...

I enjoyed this very much - very well written.

Remiman said...

Delightful and entertaining.
And in that; so true!
nicely done, Bravo

yak attack said...

Wow! You ARE very creative and original, and your poetry shows it! Well done!

Amber said...

This is wonderful! You should believe this fortune, even if you don't know where it might end or what it might mean. But just keep it where you can see it!


paris parfait said...

Love your poem - which, like fortune, is full of possibilities! Well done!

jayne said...

Hm...your fortune and my fortune are kissing cousins, aren't they?

jayne said...

Your fortune and mine are kissing cousins, aren't they?

commongal said...

You will never lose the innate fiber required to be you. You are much too genuine!

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