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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Miss Robyns Answer!

Again I started to write an email in response to another blogger and it has rambled on, into my own posting. This is, in answer to Miss Robyns blog, which I frequent daily. Why do I blog?

A few years ago my friend Violette, a very successful blogger on folk-art and creative journaling, suggested I start a blog. I was timid, a diehard scrabble junkie that couldn’t start a day without my favorite game of words. Clicking my scrabble board to Wordbiz before my morning java. Blogging has now become my methadone for scrabble addiction.

If I can find one good game of scrabble a day at my same level, then I’m ecstatic, Blogging has helped me wean my Scrabble addiction. I am way too focused on posting to my blog rather than waiting for a short intermediate game of words. Especially if I have a premeditated thought I’m anxious to post. Otherwise I am reading other blogs, google searching for inspiration and waiting to catch a whispered thought from my miracle muse angel.

Initially I was a pretty naive blogger, not realizing the impact posting a few blurbs could have on my life. Now I am so much more alert to what’s going on around me. Not that I walked around in blinders, it’s just a new perspective. As though I had the wrong optical prescription all along, and now I have a more focused pair of spectacles.

Blogging has flourished into this wonderful process of soul searching, where I can explore a deeper sense of self. I am still surprised by this inspirational journey. That I am able to form color into art. I’ve always been creative, now at fifty, I have nothing to lose in bringing my authentic self to the table. Who cares if my art looks funny and my blog sentence aren’t always formed perfectly. It’s my voice you’re hearing, the one that my family and friends listen to daily. I am forthright and honest in what I am bringing to my blog. It captures the essence of me, what inspires me and gives me purpose. It’s about my past, my future, who and what I love. It’s my life’s journey and all things important in my world and a few insignificants things too!

When I took the personality DNA test a few days ago, it alleged I was only 26 percent open. I found that result to be fairly accurate, which would surprise those who’ve been subjected to any of my passionate debates. I bet I’m not alone. Blogging is a great venue for women to unite and for men who are interested in understanding the inner dynamics of a woman’s world. However there are those of us who will not divulge everything, and some of us who will!

Originally I started out blogging for twenty one days, the estimated time it takes to break a habit. As I continued on, I realized what a great legacy my blog could make for future lineage. Blogging has made me more alert to simple details in life, to recording those vital seconds without hesitation, to search for significant moments in everyday events.

The real bonus for me was realizing, blogging is a world of its own, with many like minded people along for the adventure. Wonderful writers, with amazing perspectives, phenomenal diverse talents to share in cyber space. A group of empathtic people willing to support fellow bloggers in their endeavors. Those foreign to blogging are left out of the loop. It’s like being privy to the best of the best spread across the miles, and some raw truths too!


miss*R said...

I find that I have started to soul search even more since I started to blog - that is scary! I love this post, I found myself saying 'yes!' more than once :)

giggles said...

That’s exactly how I feel about your blog Robyn.... I do say yes a lot when I'm reading it....because there are so many commonalities. Glad you liked this post….it was for you all along!!

Happy day to you!

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