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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday scribblings " Google Magic"

My mind was all over the map about Sunday scribblings. Much how my mind works. With bibs and bobs of information, flitting around, at all times. I usually Google search quite a few things each day, rarely retaining much of the minutia. Originally I was going to google search the bicorneal Uterus, mainly because my friend with a premature baby and a disabled child has one. There wasn’t much information, which was frustrating. Then I wanted to google the Movie “Friends with Money because I watched it this weekend and was hoping to see what was said about that. Which lead to a google search on the thirty-five signs of peri menopause. Not exactly a favored subject, as I am living and breathing it each day. Rehashing it is just an annoyance. Eventually I got to the search I had been pondering all month, Adult Emotional Maturity and the signs of one who is emotionally mature. Which gradually guided me into a site on the emotional intensity in gifted childern. I ended my labyrinth of google searches, reading way too long, instead of posting. So there you have it, my flutter brain in action. With a sprinkle of Gemini inserted. Anyway I didn’t want to go on a tangent, which I so often do. So I will leave you the links, you can follow my trail and see what I have learned today! If you like!

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Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

I'm curious what you thought of Friends With Money, I watched it this past weekend too and was really not impressed...and then it just seemed to abruptly end.

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