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Monday, October 09, 2006

Always Grateful

Thanks giving! Things I'm grateful for…..honestly hundreds of things come to mind….. I always feel extremely grateful to everyone for everything, which I think is a key component to my happiness!

Friends and family, I am extremely grateful for their love and support
To live in a beautiful, clean, diverse, peaceful country called Canada!
To have a lovely place to live, good food and clean water
Technology, communication across the miles, with a wonderful blogging community
Music, art, and the creative spirit that moves me
Ears that still hear, eyes that see, a body that functions to the best of its ability, common sense, a sense of humor, and all my faculties although slower than normal, and jumbled at times.
Online Scrabble, which I am still amazed at!

But mostly it's the little daily occurrences that give me so much joy….a chat with the kids, a hot bath, a good book, a giggle, a good cup of coffee, an "I love you mom" before bed, and so much more!


Maryellen said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto! All you said, and being an unaware Cali that I am, I did not know Canada had a Thanks Giving day. You have some beautiful kids, congrats.

miss*R said...

this is a great list! you are a truly sweet person - xoxo

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