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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Canadian Thanksgiving!

Monday is our official Canadian Thanks giving! Sunday night we spent a lovely evening with wonderful friends Laura and Jeff, partaking in a turkey dinner with all the lovely trimmings. Laura made a fantastic curry carrot and zucchini soup for the appetizer, with vegetables picked fresh from her mother’s garden. It was an enjoyable evening of giggles and eclectic conversation. Starting with the controversial body world exhibit presented at Science world, which the kids attended on Friday night, to how to fire an employee humorously. The stragglers, the kids and I, helped with the dishes, which I might add, were many. I can never understand how people feast on a phenomenal dinner with a beautiful ambience and then leave the hostess with a big honkin mess! How can people be so inconsiderate, to expect ONE family to have to serve everyone else, then abort with out even clearing a plate. Seven of us whipped up the mess so fast. Taking care to hand wash all the large items and precious pieces, while putting the less fragile ware into the dishwasher. How hard is it for one person to take their plates to the counter? My goodness, it’s not a restaurant; someone has to do the dishes. As a young girl I would often be left with a huge mess from all the company. It would take hours to clean it by myself. No one ever offered to help. It was so lonely, and I resented it. Personally I haven’t been left with a mess since the seventies, the days when people took advantage of me. I was the kitchen slave to everyone. I no longer have congregate with those who don’t respect me. Plus the kids are a huge help.

Tomorrow Pepper goes to Bryans parent home with his nine siblings.Usually its Pepper and Bryan that stay behind to help with the dishes. Often the others walk off, leaving the mom with the bulk of the mess, to do alone without a dishwasher.Bugs the heck out of me, who ever named moms the slaves of the world anyway. Funny thing is, her kids always had lots of chores growing up, dishes being one! Just a little rant on behalf of women who do too much! I do give Jeff his due, for he prepared the house and it was spotless while Laura worked today! Plus he was an excellent host and then buzzed to help clean up! A true gem he is! Laura is mistress of the creative table center, the food prepared the night before, and also hostess extraordinaire

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