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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


A few weeks ago Pepper brought me these flowers left over from a wedding she worked at, they lasted suprisingly well over a week. I was so thrilled, and thankful for abundance! I purchased the halloween shoe four years ago, and the moment I saw it I had to have it, everyone that see's it says it's totally me. It's up all year, in my funky downstairs powder room, and comes out to the kitchen at halloween, I'm not much into scary things, everything I have is cutsey!

I’ve always had a passion for the plight of children. Sundays Maddspace blog features travels around the blogsphere, which I highly recomend. Every week it takes you on a very diverse journey. This Sunday she took us to V.O.I.C.E.S. Home. where you find children who by all rights should have had a voice. One day I will post the story of how my precious daughter used her voice at a very crucial time in her childhood during a similar situation. Today I'm sharing two inspirational video clips from Scott Stratton. One is geared for parents who are raising children, and the other is inspirational clip that can be applied to any endeavor. Both excellent messages! If time is of the essence please at least see the inpirational clip. Have a great day!


madd said...

Gigles..firts beautiful flowers and really great vase..love it and even though I am just getting to know you , yes everyone is right, they are definately you!! Second..thanks for the mention and let me just say you have a huge caring heart..I am so glad we have met and are becoming friends I'd like to think..:)again thanks sweetie..take care..m

Gemma said...

Cool powder room! I have a small collection of glass shoes and boots....funky and cute

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