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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Crazy Garden Lady

Violettes "long neck lady" art challenge.

My Crazy Garden Lady has a mind that constantly twirls with wise information, making it hard for her to sleep. She adores bright colors, stain glass and loud music. There are never enough hours in a day for this busy goddess. It’s not unusual to find her frolicking in her garden, mouth open catching raindrops. Unique pride in the oddness of her nature is justification for everything she does. Comfortable in her creative being she is able to freely brush off any discrimination. Rainbows follow her down a path of whispering gnomes and brilliant colored sunflowers. Animals correlate in wait of just one mysterious glimpse of her, and children knock randomly at her door. She envelopes them with her charm, feeding them brownies and orange tea spiked with good sense, she listens to their woes then sends them off on their own path, through her garden of flowers, to discover their own unique life adventure!


Kai said...

She is stunning!! I adore the colour combination..prettie,prettie.!!did you use real ceramics? coloured papers?
Im nosey!!
Peace, Kai.

madd said...

She is gorgeous...!! love all the color, plus she sounds like she would be fun to hang out with..take care..m

judie said...

I really like her! So colorful. Isn't it kewl how each of us took the same drawing and each made such a different finished piece?

Janet said...

Fantastic colors and I love how you describe her.

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