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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sometimes a Mother just knows!

Isn’t it funny how a mother sometimes just has an intuition and doesn’t even know why. Well a few months back I had a really good intuition about young women I’d never even met. She gained the trust of some owners of a business and over time, started conniving to her own gains. All along I had a bad feeling about this girl. It wasn’t long and my daughter had her number too, but worked around it, still keeping the upper hand.

Today this girl found the chink in my daughter’s link and on her last day of work approached screaming obscenities and ranting horrific things at her. I suspect the young woman has some mental illness and anger management issues. Unable to manipulate my child, I imagine she has been suppressing this animosity for quite some time.

It’s very hard for a young person to be an ethical upstanding citizen in this world of lets bend the rules all the time. Since Pepper was a little girl she has always made good choices. I don’t take credit for that. I haven’t always done that in my life. She has, so it’s been easy to trust her over the years. As an adult now, she’s still extremely responsible and goes the extra mile to do what’s right. But like driving on a road of speeding cars, it’s really hard to go the speed limit when people are anxiously tailgating. She does it anyhow, sometimes it’s not popular, but still she sticks to her personal ethics.

I’ve always been a believer that one needs to set up a personal constitution. Long before a situation presents it selves. For instance if you never plan on drinking and driving then it’s best to make that decision long before you have a drink. When inhabitations are down, after a few drinks, then it’s more difficult to make a rational choice.

Today my daughter is at work, in turmoil, milling over the emotional carnage resulting from rubbish spewed. Doubting her good ethic and intentions, even though she has constantly been assured verbally and monetarily, over and over that she is doing an excellent job. What happened to her was an abusive situation. I asked Pepper in her worst most angry moment with anyone, even her father who has really done her wrong, has she spoken to another living soul like that. Of course I knew she hadn’t, and neither have I.

That girl has some nasty Karma coming her way, which is sad, because she is one damaged girl. Despite what she has done to my daughter, I feel for her. What makes someone so unreasonable and nasty? What is a mother to say to comfort her child? All questions I am living with right now! Sometimes I think the universe speaks to us in covert language!


Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

It sounds as though Pepper has a strong character...thus giving her the tools to withstand this tirade and hopefully move on from it. I hope her doubting is short lived because in the end...she comes out on top! The spewer obviously has issues that are best dealt with some place else and hopefully under controlled supervision at that!
You are a good mom!

Kai said...

Quote thumpers mum..if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all..

I wish people would be kind..or nice.. you're sucha sweet mum :)
Peace, Kai.

Gemma said...

Mean people Suck.....Even though the girl was ranting nonsense...she still put those words out there and planted nasty little seeds. I hope Pepper does consider the source. I'm glad she's getting away from her.

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