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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Saga Continues!

The saga continues. Pepper was mindfully working today, decorating for Halloween; contented yesterdays drama was behind her. The phone rang as she was finishing her shift, a call from an insider at head office. Nasty Nellie (not her real name, although this does remind me of a little house on the prairie episode), couldn’t get back into the states, where she once resided, with a soon to be former husband. Hmmm let me see…..what possible reason could there be for not letting a twenty three year old women into the United States of America, other than a little bad Karma from yesterday? First thought! Maybe a drug conviction of some sort! I have many reasons, other than yesterdays outburst to think that’s a possibility. Any other suggestions ladies? Certainly they don’t think she’s a terrorist. Hmmm… or do they?

The insider, wanting to give Pepper the heads up, says Nasty Nellie
wants to come back and work for the company again. Nasty formally managed one store for the business, while Pepper manages two separate places. Now that Nasty’s detained in Canada, she needs a job to tie her over until she can return to Massachusetts.

Pepper felt it was unnecessary to disturb the owners while they’re setting up a new store in Eastern Canada. Unaware of yesterday’s fiasco, they agreed to let Nasty come back to work until she is able to clear up her border kafuffles. ( I wonder what story she told them.) The insider will be informing the owners of this potentially volatile situation. Pepper shockingly giggled in disbelief. Tonight she is laden with anxiety as she left to attend a concert the boys are playing in Vancouver. The insider assured Pepper that she has the backing of at least six key people at head office. Still she is nervous of Nasty Nellie’s hazardous and explosive demeanor.

Pepper has been contemplating moving ahead in life, with the prospect of another job. Yet she hesitates because she adores the people she works for, has a creative freedom, is in charge of her own hours, and loves the business end of managing. She’d have to qualify for the new job, but there is a top level management executive who will endorse her hiring. The job has so much potential, all business oriented and no creative outlet. There would be a huge pay hike, and pension potential.

I can’t help but wonder if the universe isn’t nudging Pepper to move on now. So far all three jobs Pepper has had to date have a spiritual story behind them. Time will tell what the plan is. Tomorrow is another day, but Friday she will have to confront Nasty Nellie again, she plans to keep her head high despite it all. So the saga continues. What do you think she should she do?


Gemma said...

Pepper should let ms. Nasty know that her rantings did not define who Pepper is....Pepper knows who she is and is a valuable and awesome human regardless of anyones opinion...this can be done in a quiet and respectable way.

BTW I think ms. Nasty is jealous of Pepper.

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

Nasty Nellie, good name for her.
What an odd situation this all is. The sad thing would be for Pepper to allow the behavior of one to ruin her current state of bliss in her job. However, this could be the universe telling her it is, in fact, time to move on. In the end though it's ultimately what is in Pepper's best interest that should guide her to stay or go. I am amazed nasty nellie was hired back.

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