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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday scribblings " Mumble"

This was a really tough start for me. I began writing about freezing time, squashed that, went onto the super hero, and that took a complete twist and turn from my original idea! So here it is….better late than never......Hopefully I can write the time stopped piece for tomorrow or Tuesday….

I’d be the super hero Mumble, reading inside a child’s head
Report to those who love them, what their ugly gremlin’s said
Correct the misconceptions of that judging voice inside
Have their worries public, with nowhere left to hide

I’d know what upsets them most, share it with the king
He’d place it in his mausoleum, rejoicing choruses would sing
A song to bury all their qualms, bad thoughts of being maligned
Celebrate passing burdens, dispelling thoughts unkind

I’d ask the king’s permission, to watch above their head
Share a few magic words to take away their dread
Mumble would remind them, of all the brilliance there
If negativities hang around, she’d make the kids aware

That buried is the wickedness, in a vault far away
To concentrate on what they love, to keep evil at bay
To find the prize assigned at birth, that only they possess
If they listen to their heart, won’t take them long to guess

Each person holds a unique gift, wrapped neatly in their soul
Until you find what it is, there will always be a hole
A cavern that stores the worries, the doubt and nasty things
But when you find the secret gift you’ll be amazed at what it brings

Excitement fueled by passion, the ache will soon release
Followed by a richest reward, a calming realm of peace
Your gift wards off evil, and is hidden deep within
The quicker that you find it, the sooner you will win!

Sunday Scribblings


Jerri said...

I vote for you to get your super power. NOW!!

What power could be unlocked if only we could each find the prize we're assigned at birth.

How lovely it is that you wished for the power to help children find their gifts.

Thank you for this. It truly brightened my day.

Amber said...

Oh, I love this! It really made me smile. The part about helping them find that prize they were given at birth-- that would be a truely great super power!!

Good job. ;)


tinker said...

There's two gifts this Sunday - wise words AND a great poem! Thanks - I liked this.

giggles said...

Thank you Ladies....

Giggles Sherrie

madd said...

Giggles, this was lovely, we all need to work on our gifts and not let others take them from us..by the way just wanted to let you know I put you in my Travels through the Blogosphere post I do on Sundays. Hope you don't mind, go check it out. I wanted to share your friday funny with everyone..I am also going to link you to my site as I really like your stuff!!..ok? thanks M

paris parfait said...

Very clever poem.

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