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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More sunday scribblings " Perfect day in May"

Here are a few pictures of the three puppies, Chance ( named because he died and Pepper resuscitated him, with mouth to mouth) Harmony because she was a little vegetarian and love only fruit and veggies, and Teddy, well you can see why, he looks just like a teddy bear! Included are my dog Benji who passed at 18 years of age, the father of the puppies, Rox who was two then, and passed only three and a half months ago at thirteen, and Pebbles the mother who passed at twelve and was four when she had the pups.

I have such a strong belief that animals are a lifetime commitment, from birth to death. None of this, getting them on a whim, then giving them away when they become a pain. Animals can be an incredible amount of work at times, especially towards the end of their life. We adored these creatures. Unfortunately I could not keep the puppies, because of our bylaws. Six dogs would have had the neighbors in an uproar! As it was my next door neighbor who Pepper called Mr. Wilson because he was so mean, despised dogs and wanted me to have the voice box taken out of my two dogs, who only barked a few quick yaps to come in. So I found incredible homes for the puppies, with people who had my same philosophy about animals. I interviews people, saw their animals and where they lived, it was all word of mouth. I refused a few acquaintances, very nice people, just not animal lovers. When I found the right parents for my puppies, I released them with love and just gave them away, no money changed hands. Harmony and Chance ended up together, and Harmony’s name was changed to Chloe. The fall is sad without a dog, but I am still in the deciding phase of when to get another!

Of course I didn’t get a picture of the perfect moment, but these are pictures from that Summer of Ninety six!

Perfect Day in May
If I could freeze time,
it would be a summer day,
in May of ninety six
Day fell still, just for a moment,
my life became bewitched
Child bobbing on the trampoline,
puppies asleep below
The squirrel scrambled to the fence,
without canine parents in the know
Baby birds peeked from their nest,
I relished the instant, mired in a gaze
Clinking cubes tinkled, in lemonade,
as I lounge upon the chaise
Partner beside me in state of amuse,
sun beat warm kisses against his face
Bursts of floral, purple, pink and white,
cascading the planters, filling every space
Yellow butterfly floats among their hue,
dancing flawlessly to the silent goings on
Nature in perfection, fruition near its end,
sweetest moment ever, then poof, it was gone

After that day in May, my whole world became an upheaval of vicious surprise. The following two years were so incredibly difficult. I came up against the patriarch like my snake dream had warned. I forged through it, with amazing strength and I feel blessed that those years are far behind me! Out of it came courage way beyond what I imagined I was capable of!


madd said...

Giggles..I love them..they are such adorable cuties..this was such a fun post, I smiled from the moment I open it to the very end and I am still smiling..thanks for that. I don't know what you had to deal with, sounds like it was big and sorta scary for you, but isn't that always the way, we fear or dread something and are worried or feel that we will never be able to overcome..HA! that is when we shine..and it is only in hindsight that we see who we really are, even though it was always there right in front of us to begin with..hhmm life's funny that way..:)take care and thanks for the drop by and the link...m

paris parfait said...

Wonderful photo and poem! Those puppies are adorable.

Kai said...


they are the cutest.
PEace, Kai

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