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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Scribblings "Skin"

Sunday Scribblings


Flesh chokes away the young girl full of frolic,
Fascination, creative passion and a penchant for dance

Mounds of mass, mask the marvel of youthful hope and dreams
Mistakes and misdemeanors and the songs unsung

Beyond curvaceous or chubby chic, lethargic layers, lavish limply
Compacting engorged grief, encasing tears unshed, shelving shame unshared

Robust rolls stave off salivating salutations, from hypocrites and imposters
Sociopaths, and psychopaths, schizophrenics and manically depressed

Cushions of cellulite, shelter sentiments, conceal caution, placate fervor
Harbors justification, declares solace, shielding power, while pardoning penance

Salvation, security, slither between folds, frightened of being exposed, examined
Expropriated by demons, and denigrates who’ve never waded in her mire

Adoration, aspirations, harvested humor, corralled compassion and contentment
Acquiescent demeanor, copious comforts from cuisine, all condiments of survival!


Gemma said...

Oh yeah!
This is another great poem.
Keeping the perv's at a distance thats one good thing.
Liking that food too!

Jerri said...

Condiments of survival! Fabulous.

Truly brilliant post. So much of it resonates--compacting engorged grief. . .shielding power. . .frightened of being exposed.


paris parfait said...

Very powerful poem, my friend!

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