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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Monday I looked out at my back patio and noticed that all my impatient flowers were dead, sadly the results of our first frost. Also a metaphor of how we take beauty and life for granted at times. Sunday the flowers filled my pots with vibrant colors; the next day wilted and closed up, done! In youth we rarely worry about aging, one day it’s here the next it’s gone. If we’re lucky we still have a young spirit and embrace the change!

Theses autumn tree photos were taken last week, Monday when I ventured by again, they were barren. Fleeting moment of magnificence gone…but nature is truly amazing how it goes through so many transitions, and manages to have days of phenomenal awe striking beauty, to dark drab ugly moments. So why is it that we doubt nature, and the way things are? Next spring, new growth, without help from a single living soul, trees replenish their leaves, seedlings sprout, life continues on. Life and nature is ever changing yet so much the same.

This morning I was wondering what and who are the people or events that inspired profound change in your life?


Kai said...

My children and grandparents changed my life the most in my early years.
Now, my parents are teaching me the lessons I'll need to survive my last ones as I enter the Autumn of my life..

PEace, Kai.

madd said...

Giggles..sory ou lost your pics..hope you find them you always have great ones..:) Hey did you let every one you know about the Peace Globe?? It's next week..I posted about it today..looking forward to see how far the message goes..hopefully it will get some attention..well thats it for me ..take care sweetie..m

Gemma said...

I am constantly being inspired by life, by Mother nature, by blogging buddies....like you.
First inspiration had to come from being blessed to have loving parents.

paris parfait said...

Gorgeous photos and excellent metaphor. As for people who inspired profound change, the list is long and probably best left for another day.

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

right now, these most recent moments in my life of having met amazing people such as yourself, THAT has had a profound affect in my life. I feel it has allowed me to just BE me...to share my thoughts, share my art and share in the meeting and greeting of new people I would never ordinarily meet.

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