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Friday, November 10, 2006

Funny Friday " Warped"

Check out the monkey kiss…..very silly!
Can you say bad breath!

Sorry Guys but this is so funny….
kinky turtle sex….I howled...but again I have a warped sense of humor….Could you imagine if this was us??? Hilarious… I think he's trying to say " Hey Honey, WAKE UP!!!"


Maryellen said...

Who is the singer on your site. I love his music, but never have caught his name in order to buy it.

madd said...

OH my GAWD...a pimp turtle..that was just, well I don't know what that was, as far as the other one..all I can say is..YUCK....very funny..see ya..m

Anonymous said...

I love this music too!
I haven't checked the links yet, but I can imagine...you're too funny!

Kai said...

thats too silly :) Peace, Kai

Amber said...

Thanks for the laugh! And I love those Dream Cards, too... Very cool looking.The art is just my style.


giggles said...

I hope you all got an opportunity to see that silly turtle, pushing the female around….hell he was an awkward lover if I do say so myself! It was slow at first…but I told you I had a warped sense of humor! The singer is Damien Rice…. “Woman like a Man” is my favorite song of his. You can click his name for the link!

Damien Rice

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