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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Poetry Thursday " Imbued Rights"

Poetry Thursday
Imbued Rights

Like the eye of a storm
A woman scorned
Can be ugly in its descent
During my youth
Women were expected
To comply to conventions
Of male intentions
Rarely having any of their own
Power sought
Took an onslaught
Where women organized
To garner compromise
In a patriarchal time
Women ganged collectively
To accomplish their right selectively
In defense, Men oppressed
To suppress the threatening hue
“Bitches,” the name we were deemed
Women who wanted it all
There was the Old school abstention
As they looked down in peril
Intimidated by impending mandate
Young Woman would collaborate
Conservatives would repudiate
The fight was hard,
We won
Decades later
Lapsed are reminders
Of the strife of that plight
Oh yes, now we freely think and speak,
Be the women of our choosing
Hold jobs of importance, and equality too
Although repression is not completely deceased
A wider spectrum of substance has notably increased
But has a trade off ensued with equal rights now imbued?
Is there twice as much to do?
Are we haunted by latch key kids?
Damaged children droning in masses
Aftermath of mothers who implode from overload
Resulting in a furor of divorce of emasculated asses
Causing a magnitude of broken homes
Struggling mothers now doing it all alone
Do we have time, energy or expectancy?
To enjoy the feminism of our legacy?
Can we keep the balance, is the tally in
Or should we revamp how we raise our men?


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I just finished the second of the two memoirs by Iranian women who lived through the revolution (one as a teen and one as a young woman)- we too easily forget how recently we have gained our rights and how quickly they could be taken away! Thank you for this!

Kai said...

I was in a hard fight today..and regained my self worth in time. Your words are very potent!!
Peace, Kai.

madd said...

Girl..just when I think you have wowed me enough, I click on your site and ..WOW you blow me away..wonderful, thanks for stopping by and your kind words..I think if more people realized that you don't have to give up who you are to be in a relationship, we would have more healthy ones...:) but that's just me...lol, take care sweetie...m

leonie said...

i like the line "But has a trade off ensued with equal rights now imbued?" and I think the answer is yes.

i think too many women are now living in a man's world and have lost what it is to really be a woman and to be in touch with the divine feminine. i know i certainly lost my way and am now regaining that connection; the power that has nothing to do with careers or salaries or doing.

good food for thought and great poem.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

what a powerful poem; powerful words.

giggles said...

I humbly thank you for your lovely words of support ... wasn't sure what the response might be on this one.
Sincerely Sherrie

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

I love the meter, shape and meaning of this poem! Yes, the unintended consequences of equality ... I loved your last line tho' "or should we revamp how we raise our men?"

Great job, Sherrie.
much pease & love, JP

paris parfait said...

Very powerful and profound poem. Just brilliant, Giggles!

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