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Friday, November 24, 2006

Not funny this friday

Please check out Gary Jules.... "Madd World" at the bottom of my blog! Beautiful song, listen to a few more on his myspace account!

Art is art, although bizarre at times! Here are some beautiful Clark Sorenson Urinals!

I’m not very funny this Friday. But hey I thought I might share a silly thing that happened to me twenty years ago. I was about seven months pregnant. My partner and I lived only five minutes from the border, so we slipped across to Blaine Washington for yummy tempura battered fish and chips. Of course when you’re pregnant the washroom can never be too close. Anyway, I toodled off to the washroom in my very pregnant way, and did my thing! Came bouncing back to my seat, only to have my partner ask me who my friend was. I said pardon. He repeated “who’s your friend” as he made a nodding gesture behind me, as though I’d brought someone along. Sure enough I looked behind me, to find I had a long streamer of toilet paper following me. I’ll never forget how mortifying it was to realize there was toilet paper attached to my ass, trailing out of my maternity pants, all the way from the washroom, into the middle of the restaurant. Like I say “you can NEVER be too close to a washroom when you’re pregnant”!


paris parfait said...

Oh, poor you! What an embarassing moment! And those designs are pretty fancy for urinals.

madd said...

Giggles, those urnials are beautiful..now there is a ststement you don't hear every day. They are much too nice for a mens room..as for the other..oh my can you say I want the floor to swallow me up so I may disappear..LOL..take care sweetie

Anonymous said...

oh you poor thing! That happened to a friend of mine - she was mortified!
flowers and urinals are never something you'd ever put in the same sentence..but those are pretty amazing floral urinals. lol!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Oh my goodness, Sherrie!!! Too damn funny, my dear. I love the artistic Clark Sorenson urinals ... you are one hip & creative chick. Love to you in big heaping doses!! xo, JP

giggles said...

Thanks for the sympathy...I love a good laugh at my expense and can now relish the fact that is happened! Hey Ladies, Clark also does tableware, now isn’t that a combination eh? This guy has both ends covered….if you know what I mean…wink wink!

Giggles girls!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

I thought the flowers were sinks at first - but urninals????

Kai said...

LAFF, well that was the last thing I exected to see when I opened your blog up, but hey giggles, we find art everywhere and those definately are unique and put a smile on my face..
So thanks and blessings Girl!!
Peace, Kai.

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing, but to be honest, those sure look a lot nicer that the run of the mill urinals. LOL You crack me up. So Outside.

tinker said...

Oh, Sherrie, I'm laughing, but not because I don't empathize - I think everyone's had some sort of mortifying moment, the skirt caught in the pantyhose, the tp on the shoe - one of my friends got one of those toilet bowl deodorizers hooked onto the back of her pants while at a restaurant!
If we can live through the mortification , we can usually laugh about it later.

Hope your weekend has gotten better and that you're feeling happier/more like laughing.
BTW - I wonder what Georgia O'Keefe would have thought of those urinals!
Thanks for sharing and giving me a laugh.

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