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Monday, November 20, 2006

Sam and the fridge!

Life in retrograde had put things in a tizzy. Just over a week ago I reached into the freezer above my fridge to find the frozen black bananas I use to make bread, mush. Yes finally after two years of shoving towels under my leaky fridge the freezer above was kaput. So I read the manual, cleaned everything thoroughly. Put the salvageable food it in my deep freeze,winced as I threw some out, and cooked the rest. It was time consuming…and messy. Then during the power outage a spring on my garage door pulled out of the wall, with a huge bang so loud we were all alerted in a panic. Why it picked that moment, stranding me during the darkness to break, I will never know. So the kids and I powwowed deciding to invest in a new fridge. I was forced to call a sweet old Italian garage door guy to fix the spring. We always have philosophical talks while he fixes my door. He’s been here a couple of other times too.

Sam’s Doors is a family business, he met his wife in Italy when they were young kids. As children they were inseparable. When his parents moved to Canada he joined them. He settled in Canada as a teen. After dating a few girls, he chose a nice girl to go steady with. But he never forgot the young woman he left behind. Eventually he went on a trip to visit relatives in the old country. There he met up with his old sweetheart; the connection was the same as always. She was his one true love! So he brought her back to Canada, broke it off with the other girl, and married the love of his life! He has a few children, one son is involved in the family business. Sam also invests in property so his children will have something when they get married. He is a very ethical, old school man, with a great spirit. He gave me a discount saying I was a nice lady! I think he’s a pretty nice guy too.

As for the fridge freezer, I had placed two ice cube trays in it, hoping they would miraculously freeze. The first few days I checked it constantly, hoping for a miracle. After all I didn’t want to have to buy a new fridge just before Christmas. I was reluctant to put much more than a gallon of milk, a few cokes, in the hollow freezer now acting as a new compartment to the fridge. So five days later the power goes out for thirty one hours. Thursday night it comes back on, Friday morning I open the freezer to retrieve the milk for my morning raisin bran, only to find a really cold breeze. Sure enough miracle of miracles, there are solid cubes of ice in the trays, and a partially frozen gallon of milk. Yes the freezer is fully functioning and the fridge strangely no longer leaks….after two years of malfunctioning.
That is exactly how retrograde works, very unexplainable occurrences. I can’t be sure, but I think the back connection may have been frozen solid, and unplugging it for only a few hours never quite did the trick, but the full thirty hours did! Who knows! Merry Christmas to me ! My freezer is empty; so I think I may fill it with Christmas baking!


madd said...

Hello Sweetie..bet you thought I fell off the face of the earth..:)No..just ill..better now, just wanted to touch base..will write bunches tomorrow..luv ya..m p.s. isn't funny how life works..glad your freezer workes again..m

Kai said...

I love the christmas colours on your doodle.. It's pretty hypnotizing..lol..
I hope everything works out for you and it stays working..
Peace Kai

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