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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Scribblings " Richards Mom"

This weeks Sunday scribblings we were to write about heroes or heroines!

Richards Mom

She had four kids, if I recall
And a man who beat her silly
She had no job, or place to run
Her life was willy-nilly

She promised her dear children
One day she’d take them all away
With each brawl, they ran and hid
Huddled waiting for that day

Days and nights and years passed by
Battered, bruised, and broken
He taunted and terrorized his kids
As she choked on screams unspoken

Still she promised all her kids
She’d find a job, so they could flee
Get a house for them to live in
Things would change, they’d see

Lamenting, Richard repeated
Words his mother said
They mirrored off his lips
To explosions in my head

Finally she sought a job and house
Leaving the tyrant behind
Said his mother was his hero
Something clicked in my mind

Words I’d said haunted me
I was afraid she’d hate my choice
“One day we won’t live like this”
Now I could heed my voice

Richard said his mother,
“Was the best women that he knew”
Those words gave me strength
The push to follow through

Richards’s mom’s my hero
Every woman just like her
Rescuing their kids from abuse
Running to a life unsure

Women who protect their kids
From a life of hell and fury
Show them peace, love and joy
Sheltered from the worry

Heroines or Hero’s
Call them what you will
They are the bravest of them all
Because that’s when some men kill


Inconsequential said...

a strong piece :)

good stuff.

paris parfait said...

Yes, yes and YES! Well said, dear heart. Excellent piece.

Anonymous said...

this was VERY well written and very powerful!!

twitches said...

A story from the heart. How sad and how true, how common, unfortunately.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Dear, dear Sherrie ... absolutely true and amazing. You are so right my dear ... as one who works in the field of helping people like Richard's mom have a safe place to start over, I truly appreciate this poem & homage to so many brave & heroic women. much peace & love, JP

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for the intro link to the healing dolls. I'm going to go read about everyone of them this evening after work. How are you doing. Hope all is good for you and that you are looking forward tom being with family for Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

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