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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Scribblings " Sperm Donor"

From the front door!

From the back door!

It's snowing today….beautiful fluffy mounds of snow silently cover trees and bushes, much more is predicted! These pictures were taken from my front and back doors!

Sunday Scribbling we were to write about our nemesis. At first I started a personal poetry rant, and recanted by making it slightly more general. Sadly I had too many people in mind during the process of writing this. I’m contemplating posting the original rant on my poetry link later!

Sperm Donor

They’re the fakes, the flakes
Playing the part, they negate their roll
Religious hypocrites, alcoholics
The manic Fanatic, dramatic combative
Patriarchal categorical dead beat dads
Their eyes they judge me, begrudge me
But they’re friendly to my face
They undermine the conversation
With infestation of determination
Surmising I will concede…. and I do
Were we alone, I’d not condone
Such a reprehensible adversary
My vipers tongue would take the reigns
I spew blasphemy not in vain
I let the words punch them with the reality
Of their emotional brutality
Lack of affection, compassion, interaction,
With these amazing young folk
It’s an ugly nasty bitter actuality
An emotional contamination plaguing our generation
This unwarranted heinous emancipation
Breeding a vanishing connection
Changing inflection of the role dad!


Shelley said...

No confusing cluefree bio-dads with clued in sperm donors, for whom intent and follow-through at least match.

Amber said...

AMEN!! Preach it, sistah!
"An emotional contamination plaguing our generation"--- Yes, yes yes. Freakin assheads.

You know, I have been thinking a lot about dad's, and flakes like this lately. Maybe because I have come to a healing place with my mom, and I realize I have never had the energy to deal with the issues that are connected to the "father" issue.
This issue effects tooooo many kids. It fucks people up. Mom's get so much blaime, but so many problems would not be, if we did not have a culture that has given permission for men to walk away.

Good scribble!


madd said...

Oh what a beautiful snow fall..very pretty and I am sure very cold..!! luv ya sweetie..m

paris parfait said...

Gorgeous photos and a powerful poem. The poem hits home, as my daughter's bio dad has been an absent one. But it's his loss and someday he must face the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Looks so Christmasy!!!! It was 70 here yesterday! Hey, post a pic of your friend's Grey! They are the BEST dogs!

Anonymous said...

OH MY!!! I must have missed it! He looks just Like Lobo! Thanks ! Lobo gets his stitches out Friday!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Brilliant poem ... I love your rhyme and alliteration. Great message Sherrie. much love and peace, deborah

AscenderRisesAbove said...

agreeing whole-heartedly with amber; who really has the power to change things; to control things - back in that day????

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