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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day

Laura's sister Karen and their sweet mom!

Karen was wearing a red apron over a long black dress, a red bow adorned her hair. It felt like I stepped into a nineteen fifties movie....it was so nostalgic and fun!

Gemma sent me this amazing Christmas card, which seem so fitting for me. ….it’s so pretty and such thrill to receive across the miles. Thank you so much Gemma for all the love you put into the card....it went straight to my heart!

Gemma has an awesome tradition involving her moms Christmas stocking.... Sorry GPS I didn’t send any cards at all this year….fighting so much fatigue along the way.

I did however have an amazing Christmas, with load of magic happening all around me, some terrible sadness trickled in too. Lisa’s mom passing and Darlene’s family in crisis awaiting any sign of Marks improvement. Somehow life is like that; Christmas can be hit and miss at times. I have cried every day for Mark and his mom, but it’s also been a great reminder to cherish each precious moment with respect.

Since the loss of my parents, and change in marital status I have altered how I celebrate Christmas, putting less emphases on traditional experience. I’ve changed things up. I haven’t done a Christmas dinner in ten years. I have made many Christmas meals up to that point though; I like going out now, otherwise it feels like any other day for me. There are always more than a few offers, so I join in with others. It releases Pepper from any guilt of me being alone. She's free to go her dads if she chooses. She has gone to Bryan’s house for three years now. One year we had a movie day, ate tacos at the theatre while watching three different movies….it was unforgettable and Pepper still talks about it to this day. Christmas is about being together enjoying the intimacy of family and friends.

Years ago when my brother married his first wife, I didn’t want to put him in the position of feeling obligated to have Christmas with me, his only family. I knew her family was having a huge Ukrainian dinner, that was really important to her. So I bowed out of dinners then. I am always invited to share Christmas with his new in-laws who live about an hour away. Christmas I prefer to be close to where Pepper is, in case she needs me. I would have no problem staying home, and have done it on the sly in years gone by. If for some reason Pepper asked me to do the dinner, I would do it in a heartbeat. So many families are pulled in one direction or another; I choose to have Peace at Christmas.

Christmas day we arose late, I cooked a big breakfast then we watched “ Little Miss Sunshine” and dispersed to different houses for dinner. I went to the Lovely Laura’s house, where I enjoyed a magical Christmas with a story book ambience. After dinner the majority went for a short walk. My ankle was killing me, a result from not enough sleep, so I sat with the elder folk instead. It was four women connecting in the most enjoyable way. Laura and Jeff have fabulous moms, really nice women, full of kindness, and love, much like them. Pepper and Bryan joined his family a five minute drive from where I was. Around nine thirty I picked them up, to visit with the kids back at Laura’s house. Only a few pictures where captured this season, my battery won't hold a charge. This will be the Christmas I remember in my head and heart, and not on film.

Laura the hostess with the mostest!!!
The beautiful Christmas table.


Lisa said...

You rock! Tradition can be nice, but I like to go with the flow, like you. It makes life easier for everyone, I think. I rented Little Miss Sunshine last night and will hopefully watch it today. I'm really looking forward to it.

Brian said...


You are so right, Christmas should be about being with the ones you love and sharing your heart. Glad to see you had a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like your card :-)
We had a peaceful Christmas too...wore jammies most of the day.
Have you watched the secret yet???

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Dear Sherrie,
I love how you write and share the story of your day ... feels like I'm right there with you!
What a warm loving day.
Much peace & love to you dear one.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

it sounds like a wonderful day; no expectations; no disappointments. thanks for sharing

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