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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Day Giggles

This is a pin Laura got me! It's a little shoe with a face on it....adorable, and I love it!

I chose this heart ornament in a gift stealing endeavor. Christmas day each guest brought something from their home that they didn’t want, or bought something under ten dollars. I brought a nice tin of Werthers candies, and some pretty tea light candles. I chose to bring an item that could appeal to anyone. I suspect Laura’s contribution, the heart ornament, was a little more expensive than the rule; it’s a beautiful silver embossed glass heart, with metal adornments, the picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s very heavy; I will likely find a cozy place for it to hang all year long. Here’s the catch….the metal is detached and needs to be glued back on.

Many of the gifts are funny or tacky. Jeff’s mom brought a gift that got the biggest laugh this year; a large orange plastic box full of old recipe cards from the seventies….we roared with laughter as Jeff opened it. Jeff is a real stickler for purging anything that resembles junk of any sort….off to a charity it goes, or Mr. Curb side! Some things included were a rice maker, I could have used that….(it wasn’t opened yet) movie tickets, a couple of really old movies on DVD, a deluxe pressure gage for tires, led lights in a long tube, ( appropriate for Taylor who ended up with some girly item of clothing one year), a book, a whole bath ensemble that Jeff accidentally added to the other parcels. It was Laura’s gift from her book club exchange; she wasn’t upset, her mom ended up with it! One year Laura had nothing available so she wrapped up a half of a pie. That spurred the most laughter that year. I lucked out this year, but the idea is the laughter and fun this event creates!


Anonymous said...

Love the idea of giving away something you don't want.Sounds like it is a fun event.Your shoe pin is adorable, it brought a smile to my face.Happy Holidays!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

i liked the little ornaments too. what fun

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