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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Goddesses Christmas with Charlotte


Barb, Laura, Connie and Janice, four of us six goddesses celebrating at a restaurant, sharing great food, loads of laughter and a small gift.

For years we’ve done an ornament exchange. One of the gifts this year was a Victorian style head on a stick doll; we named her Charlotte, then proceeded to taunt and tease her like school girls. She seemed to anger, refusing to have her picture taken. Many attempts made with a digital camera ended in a ghostlike white blob on the screen. After much consoling I was able to get a few takes of her. It’s very likely I haven’t seen the last of this glass idol. Possibly the girls will elect her as an alternate Goddess for the group, or maybe even a mascot. She really is quite lovely! Charlotte was razzed quite relentlessly; her hazing process was a nice addition to the evening of frolic. I was later informed that the reflection off her glass head may have contributed to the many ghostlike photos.

Gifts were distributed randomly, each goddess received an ornament suitable to their personality and taste. The goddesses are extremely artistic women yet no one really has time to make ornaments during the busy holiday season. I may propose we do that next year. An advanced years warning should be ample time to put something together. Honing the immense power and creativity we share as a group should produce some wonderful pieces.

The phenomenal ornament I took home was met with some glorious sounds of jubilation. A jesting shoe freak goddess, asked whether they had it in her size! It was no Manolo Blahnik boot but it certainly may have been fashioned after it! Now what shall I fill it with?
Any suggestions! Lights may work….

It was a night full of Christmas spirit and good cheer, all the goddesses felt energized the following day!


AscenderRisesAbove said...

it looks like a fun get together! fill with feathers? looking forward to the picture when it is filled!

madd said...

Hey sweetie..ooohhh i so wish I was there with all your Goddess friends,,it looks like you all had so much fun..and the ornamment is beautiful...lights would be great ..nice idea..I got the call today..yea!! so i am part of the working class once again..lol..I need to send you an update..soon..lots to share..hey go look, I put up my decoration page..check it..let me know what you think..take care sweetie..m

Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous boot!! Everyone looks as if they're having a great time. Isn't it fun to be with other creative people??

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

What a fun evening!! Glad you're kicking off the holiday season with wonderful cheer and Christmas spirit shared with wonderful friends. Great pics, Sherrie! xo, JP

Anonymous said...

Well obviously you gals (goddesses) had a whole lot of fun. Glad to see it. The boot is great, nice ornament for you I'm thinking. Myself.... tennis shoes. LOL Not the fashing queen here.

Brian said...

What a blast you all had. :)

Dewy is so jealous, she wants the boot.

Anonymous said...

I love Goddesses :) they are the best !! so glad you all had such a wonderful time - friendships like this are to treasure xo

Anonymous said...

Giggles...how fun!!!
sending love

Anonymous said...

blessings to all the goddesses lucky enough to party with you :)
Peace, Kai.

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