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Friday, December 08, 2006

Lisa Oceandreamer

This candle is lit for Lisa Oceandreamer, a GPS who is facing heartbreaking times. I have written Lisa a personal letter, I find it difficult t0 express in public how deeply emotional I feel about Lisa’s pain at this time. For now this candle is lit for Lisa and her mother….with special prayers for a peaceful transition.

An Avon Dove Ornament I've had for years

More car troubles. I got my car fixed….so I thought, then drove it off the lot down the road about ten minutes and it died in a fairly raunchy part of Surrey. I had only one bar left on my cell phone, hadn’t eat yet, was wearing a thin car coat, bare feet and slip on shoes with only nine dollars and forty fours cents in my purse. Normally I have blankets, water, pepper spray and other emergency things in my car….but I cleaned it all out upon getting it fixed. I alerted my daughter; she organized a tow, called the shop…in her business women like way. In the meantime I sat waiting in the cold…I was surprised that I didn’t get mad….I just stayed calm….. As I got colder, I thought of the homeless…. how horrid it must be to feel intensely cold all the time. I knew I could hail a taxi as they were passing me right and left. I had used my last cash for the tow, a few days before, which would have forced me to scrounge up some change to pay a taxi. I hesitated to leave my car alone in that area. The whole time I just thought about other people, my blogging friends, the homeless kept creeping into my thoughts…..At about the two hour mark I felt like crying……I was frustrated, cold and had to pee….I felt lonely, abandoned, very disappointed and somewhat distraught. Yet I knew my daughter was my champion….and I thought what a role reversal this is….when my kid is now taking care of me…..it’s official, she’s a grown up!

Then just when I was about to really lose it, a very sweet old Sikh tow truck driver arrived, I told him how grateful I was for the warmth of his vehicle. We joked together; he cheered me up, and told me to demand the mechanic buy me a nice coffee and pizza to warm me up. After all this folly, I came home and read Lisa’s blog……and everything came into perspective….my day was not a crisis….but rather a mild inconvenience to what she is contending with….and I silently embraced her in my head and in my heart!


Anonymous said...

I lit one for Lisa too.. Blessings to her.
I adore your Peace dove, it's just gorgeous..Is there a story behind it?
PEace, Kai

Anonymous said...

You are a sweet soul. To see that light and to know to measure reality. Bless you.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

So glad that you safely got through your ordeal. What kind and loving words ... thank you for the link to Lisa's sight. Much peace & love, JP

paris parfait said...

Glad you kept calm throughout that ordeal. What a day! And yes, someone dying does help put everything in perspective. There are always people in worst predicaments than ourselves - although at the time these things are happening to us, our limits are sorely tested!

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