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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Tribute to Sue the Artist! Where ever you are!

This Saturday I wanted to share with you a few crafted ornaments that I have carried with me for over thirty years. These phenomenal little characters were made by a once upon a time sister- in-law. She used Hazelnuts, (the only nut I am terribly allergic to) for the heads, walnuts for the bodies. We have long divorced the brothers, and haven’t seen each other for years.

As I decorate my tree every year I think of Sue’s tenacity and patience making thousands of ornaments over the years. She painstaking spent hours painting each tiny face and hand sewing little outfits for each ornament. Making ornaments all year long, afforded her the ability to buy Christmas presents for her children. I’ve always adored these little treasures, I’m sure she’d be very surprised that I have toted them around all this time. They have become very nostalgic to me. I have no idea her married name now, but I know she is an incredible artist!

Just two years ago Pepper was working at a retail store; one of the supervisors asked her if she had a sister name Jen….(same last name). Pepper explained that she was an only child, then let it go. A few weeks later the Supervisor asked her if she had a cousin name Jen. Pepper hesitated…then replied possibly, because she only knows her as Jennifer, and hasn’t seen her for years. The supervisor insisted they have the same mannerisms, work and sound the same, with a similar look. So Pepper responded by asking if her birthday was Christmas day….sure enough it was her cousin, working only fifteen minutes away. I find it interesting that a woman who makes Christmas ornaments all year long, would have a child on Christmas day!

I got my car back, three hundred dollars later I still don’t feel confident that it works properly. So tonight I missed my cousin Kyms party, Violettes, and Heathers soiree. Sorry I missed them ladies I’m sure they were a blast. I just didn’t want to risk being stranded on a long dark road or a major bridge. Monday I shall venture out and see how it’s working. If there’s a problem I can get it to a shop easier.

Lisa’s mom had passed on the anniversary of John Lennon’s demise. We are all sad for her loss, especially at this celebratory time of year. We wish her peace and love in her sorrow. May the angels envelope her in their care.


twitches said...

Great stories - thanks for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

The ornaments are adorable! Sue must have had a lot of patience to do all those little ornaments. Maybe somehow she will see this and know how special her little treasures are to you.

giggles said...

Janet her kids were very small when she did these ones too....amazing I think!

Hugs Sherrie

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