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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Second Chance

Beard or no beard? I prefer Andrews new furry ways!

Visiting friends through Christmas is such a joyful experience. Especially this family who go back to when Pepper was a baby! I always wished Pepper would find a man like Andrew because he was such a remarkable teen and now a phenomenal grownup! She has! There’s exactly fifteen years between me, them and Pepper. They love card games as we do.

Oodles of doctors visits later, their three year old boy has no actual diagnoses for his restricted mobility. The four month old girl has no apparent physical symptoms of a disability that they all worried about for several months. Both preemies, these children are so incredibly lucky to have such attentive loving parents.

We had such a great time kibitzing, and playing cards, like old times. Hard to believe they were Peppers babysitters when she was their son’s age! Every time I see them, I miss them for quite sometime after! Note to self, more of Selina and Andrew in the New Year! Such great folks I’m so proud we’re still friends after twenty years.

When Selina was a girl of fifteen she took from my house, a bag of chocolate chips and a nightshirt my mom bought me in Hawaii. Her mother and I busted her. I knew she was a really good kid and rarely did anything wrong. At thirty I lectured her on how stealing could change the whole fiber of her life. She cried tears of embarrassment and remorse. We hugged and I knew she was forever changed. We giggle about it now….Giving her a second chance, was a gift to myself, without it, I wouldn’t have theses amazing people in my life today!


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful that you gave her a second chance.You may have changed her life forever.Beautiful story about friendship.Thanks for sharing.

Peace and Blessings for 2007 !

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that story! Annnd..if I may....I think Andrew looks way more cute without the beard! hee hee! why hide a pretty face! Happy New Year ,my DEAR! Love ...Peace ...Happiness!

Anonymous said...

Good morning!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

curious about the little boy; that must be very painful? though he looks quite happy. I imagine they tried nih and mayo etc.
thanks for the photos; always enjoy getting a peek into others houses!

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