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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Poetry Thursday "Attraction Action"

Displayed in my eggplant on-suite bathroom; is an ensemble of Amber Romance products from Victoria Secret. One of the many favored things Pepper got me for Christmas, she knows how much I love the scent of this line, and grabbed six during her visit to Seattle last week. She bought me so many lovely things, that I’m almost embarrassed….yet I feel so honored that my daughter treats me like a queen!

Last night I had my brother and his wife for dinner. I bought him the DVD “ The Secret” for Christmas. We’d both been longing to watch it for sometime now. So I made a curried shrimp dinner, together with the kids we watched the movie. I have lived this concept for about ten years now, but need some minor changes to create more abundance. To open the flood gates I needed to be more aware of exactly what I want to create in my life! Blogging has been helpful at requisitioning desired interests. Now I forge ahead!

Attraction Action

Change my thoughts
Change my mind
I’ll step ahead
Not lag behind

Create abundance
Enjoy the mirth
Believe the greatness
Of my worth

Feel grateful
Every second
Accept cadences of
Treasures beckoned

Just the best
Shall come my way
I’ll think this thought

That’s the secret
Of a attraction
Positive thoughts

Grateful action


desert rat said...

I like the idea of having a bottle of hopes and dreams in your bathroom cupboard.

Brian said...


This poem, this poem...

This is what I need to say everyday. Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

Cooool, Miss Sherrie Giggles!! The colors look really lucious! It is so great to get stuff ya really dig for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

dancing words across a page of solitude redeem themselves in a joyous creshendo of music spilling into the universe.
PEace, Kai.

Lisa said...

AMEN! Look out 2007!

giggles said...

A friend gave me the jar for hopes and dreams Desert Rat, it's a great idea because that room is where some of my best inspiration sparks. While bathing! Thank you Brian, it was inspired by the film " The secret." Yes Pam, I am a girl that loves color! Kai your words amaze me! Thanks to all of you for your love and encouragement!

Peace and hugs Sherrie

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Wonderful poem, Sherrie! So positive and wise ... create abundance, the abundance of self worth, of gratitude, of positive energy.
Just wonderful, dear friend ... Much peace & love, JP

Anonymous said...

Great poem, Sherrie! I watched the Secret on the computer - but I'd love to own it so I could watch it again and again - so that I can soak up that idea of abundance. Glad you had a great Christmas. Love the colorful bath. Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year full of abundance!

Anonymous said...

Lovely thoughtful daughter. And lovely poem. Hope you and yours have the best of new years!

Anonymous said...

Your poem is awesome....I am going to make a copy for myself. Love the secret xox

Anonymous said...

I love the poem. Isn't "The Secret" just awesome??! And I, too, love the Hopes and Dreams jar in your bathroom.

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