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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Scribbling "Anticipation"

This post was supposed to be written for poetry Thursday with “Street” as the prompt! With limited time during the season, I just couldn’t get it all done. Then I was planning to post on Saturday, again I got sidetracked. So here it for Sunday Scribblings suitable for the prompt of anticipation! Because damn, I have been anticipating posting this since it happened one week ago today!

Last Sunday evening on the way to pick our take out, we passed by a lone organ, covered with only a few light garbage bags. Wind and rain beating sadly down upon it! I halted the car, Bryan looked at me; silently I motioned with my eyes to check it out! He jumped out, quickly surveyed it. Then forlornly mentioned how he wished he could just plug it in and see if it worked. Together we decided if it was still there when we returned, that it was fate, and we’d find a way to get it home so he could plug it in. He promptly voluntarily assured me it would be returned to the road if it was in disrepair!

Sure enough it was still there ten minutes later. But it didn’t fit in the jeep like the last one he bought. Yes, he purchased a smaller version harmony Chord organ, at the thrift store, only a few years back. We amazingly fit it in the jeep, toting it home in the back seat while both adult children contorted in the front seat, hooked into one seat belt! The saga continues. Bryan was all for carrying the new organ six houses down the road, in the rain, with only his slippers on. Concerned about his back, I didn’t want him carrying it all that way. Mother’s determination compelled me to suggest hoisting onto my bumper instead. I backed the car up, positioned it to drive ahead, got as close as I could to the organ, all the while blocking the road completely. He lifted it single handedly onto the car; I turned the car toward the complex road, and drove down six houses, praying none of the neighbors would spot a Hammond Organ sitting on my front bumper, attached to a boy, guiding it down the road. We got to the garage; only one car drove by, thank goodness. I think I already have a reputation as being a bit of a recluse, which may have now elevated to nutcase status, like the cat lady in home number one! Who I suspect originally put the organ out to be ruined in the rain!

The garage door opened and we tried to maneuver it over the small bump, instead the organ fell off the car, Bryan skinned his knees trying to save it and my car ended up with a small chip out of the bumper. We both howled in laughter.

Meanwhile Miss Pepper was not impressed. She had been waiting at the door for us, worried that in light of my recent car troubles, we had broken down again. I felt somewhat like that of a bad child giggling at the situation. Taking on the roll as the mother, some how she was unable to see the humor, of us finding an organ on the side of the road, …..and wondered why the heck we were bringing it home. I will admit the thought crossed my mind too! No, Miss Pepper was not happy about the chip in my bumpter or that we would have to find more room in our relatively full home for another cumbersome instrument. Now we have two organs, an upright piano, and a very happy young man!

Pepper can be a real softy so I figure she just needs time to adjust to our new piece of loud sounding furniture! I have come a long way from a anal young woman in my twenties, to a “what ever” kind of eccentric Love Goddess now! I treat Bryan as though he's my own and really enjoy seeing him happy! So in the words of the Beatles, I say, "JUST LET IT BE!”

Treasure On The Road
Treasure on the road
Waiting to be had
Weathered wet and worn
Seemingly not so bad

He looked at her with surprise
Her eyes motioned an okay
He jumped quickly to the curb
To try and find a way

She opened the side door
He tried to load it in
A feat unaccomplished
Her head began to spin

She said, “Hoist to my car”
On the bumper it did sit
He held tight and walked along
Lost his slippers for a bit

As they got to the garage
Tried to drive on a bump
He lost his grip as he laughed
The organ fell with a thump

Skinned knees, still he laughed
When he turned it on to play
Elation staid the musicians heart
With the organ here to stay!


Anonymous said...

Aha...Another one who finds great stuff by the road....LOVE this post...and finding roadside treasures.

Anonymous said...

SO glad the prompt gave you a reason to post this wonderful story. It's such a GOOD thing when laughter and happiness is more valuable than an unchipped bumper.


Parisparfait said...

I would have brought the organ home too! A very cute story - and Pepper will come round. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for the rescue :)
would have been fun to see you driving past....

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

You are such a cool mum ... thanks for sharing this story with us, Sherrie. Love you lots! xo, JP

Anonymous said...

I could picture the entire scene...and it made me laugh! you are definitely a goddess full of whimsical fun...what a great rescue. now the question is....does it work?
I am sure Pepper will find the humor!

Lisa said...

Oh dear. I have tears from laughing so hard (and trying not to wake everyone up). I'm so glad that the organ worked. :)

Anonymous said...

Tee Hee! What a great story! Okay..you must have a "choir"angel looking out for you! Love ! WE all have our special Angels!

Anonymous said...

What a great story! You must have a 'choir' angel looking out for you! Tee hee!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious..I can just picture you doing a silly thing like this for some reason Ms Sherrie.. :P
Peace n fun, Kai.

Anonymous said...

Great story! And I love the accompanying pics. Perfect.

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