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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Scribblings " No Punishment, Just Rewards"

No Punishments, Just Rewards

Punishment for a child, was never in my plan
Correcting bad behavior, is how my parenting began
Always wanting to do right by me, she’d heed my dagger stares
As they screamed in silence…..” honey, don’t you dare”
Never seemed a consequence, she just knew I may be mad
And yet, I had this darling kid, who was never really bad
Manners in abundance, smiles were equally as many
Yelling and screaming, well,….there just wasn’t any
Politely she would ask for things, rarely I said no
Unreasonable wishes never came, she just seemed to know
This may sound like la la land, a mother in denial
But I thank the gods above; she’s never been a trial
The childhood that I led, was full of scorn and wrath
I decided long ago, my child would follow a new path
One of love with kindness, respect and understanding
My creed has never forced, a parental disbanding
All grown up, the roles reversed, still respect is present
Although at times we disagree, we treat each other pleasant
My reward for lack of discipline, may be fraught with ridicule
I used my heart and intuition, to lead life by my own rule
I had the power over her, somehow she was beguiled
Now I’ve reaped my just reward, of friendship with my child


Kai said...

thats beautiful..thankyou for posting it.
Peace, Kai

Jerri said...

Wonderful, wonderful piece, Giggles my girl.

One of the reasons it resonates with me so strongly is that it mirrors my experiences with my own daughter. She's 19 now, and I'm discovering that the greatest blessing on Earth is having raised children you want to know and spend time with as adults.

So many blessings to you both.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Dear Sherrie,
What a sweet, wonderful poem. Your mothering has produced a beautiful, loving young woman - what a tremendous reward and gift in your life!

Brian said...

It makes me glad that so many parents are raising wonderful children with love not fear.

giggles said...

Yes sometimes it pays to follow your heart! There were always people waiting in the wings to see her fail too....just because I was so unconventional.....

Thanks for stopping by Judi,Brian, and Deb
Hugs Sherrie......

Rose of Sharon said...

Thank you for a wonderful piece of writing and for sharing your parenting techniques. Your daughter is so blessed and fortunate to have you as her mother. I'm glad that there are mothers like you out there. We need more positive forces out there like you.

khambagirl said...

What a wonderful poem! and great parenting techniques! And the end result -- to have raised a child and have her be your friend. Well done!

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