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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Family Across Wires

This week took me forever to get some poetry Thursday together. When you read my contribution you may understand why. Today’s post is dedicated to Darlene’s family! Not much can be said, except all prayers are deeply needed and appreciated. A candle is lit for Marks healing. Family across Wires

My head is pounding; and my heart is right behind it
How can I read the plight of a desperate woman,
then walk off, continuing to lead my life unaffected?
Impossible .......unless my heart would be steal!
Soul touching souls, through words, through prose
Intimacy, connection with no verbal inflection
Yet we bond; intersect across the miles, through wires
Amazing really, the craze of pain and anxiety I feel
For a mother, a family, I have never met,
Only learned of her story a few short weeks ago,
Yet I cling, with fervor to her every word
Longing to hear a morsel of good news, something to fuel hope
Eyes visit her words, I inhale deeply, step into the shadow of her pain
Feel the sting of her apprehension, thinking things she dares not mention
Anxiety fills my core, stays in tow, refusing to let go
They’re on my mind, night and day, I try to divert, but my thoughts won’t stray
I walk through my routine motions, gripping tight to daily devotions
Tired body, mind won’t stop, although I try, sleep’s for naught,
Minds black canvas, her baby’s laying there, a grown up now, I see him scared
I check the time; hours go by, body weary, my mind shan’t cease, instead I cry
Time to rise, check my own, coddle her needs, my child on loan
My body tightens behind the screen, fearful of expressions that might be seen
A lump forms in my throat, in my tears her words float, burning vinegar down my face
Mentally clutching her to my breast; I feel her pain, her deep unrest
Her child, so vulnerable, in the hands of god, empathy is all I have to give
An ache with acidic inclination upon fresh wounds, rendering pain beyond imagining
It’s all too much for them to bear; as they sit and stare, waiting, and waiting, and waiting
for a minute manifestation of healing, or a slight reprieve from feeling,
A small diversion, or fever inversion, or a few minutes succumbed to slumber
My Heart is with them every second, and I pray and I pray and I pray, they’ll be okay


Anonymous said...

The one great thing about the blogging world is how easily we can connect with people who we might never have had the chance to... I think all of us that know about Darlene and her family feel the same way. Thank you for putting it into such a touching and eloquent poem.

Anonymous said...

This is touching and so very heartfelt and so well written. I challenge anyone reading her plight to not be affected by it. She is on my mind daily and when I was away I HAD to borrow a computer to check her blog for updates. I long, I deeply long for the day when the news is something that causes celebrated cheers around the world. I hope she sees this.

Anonymous said...

your poem is beautiful!
Peace, Kai.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Dear Sherrie,

What a beautiful, heartfelt poem. "Standing in the shadow of her pain" ...as mothers, I think we are so affected by what Darlene is going through.

I share your feelings and pray with you in sisterhood.

Love to you Sherrie & to Dar ... we're with her in spirit.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem, you have summed up so well what so many of us are feeling for Darlene and her family. Thank you.

suzie q said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for putting this into words. There are candles burning for Mark, Darlene & their family all over the world. Thank goodness for this wonderful blogging community, and thank you for sharing your feelings with us all.
Suze xXx

michele terry said...

I am very young to this blogging world, and am touched and overwhelmed by the loving community. I was introduced to this world when I came upon Darlenes story and immedieately connected and have not missed a day since. My heart is with her and her family. Thank-you you for such an eloquent incredibly beautiful tribute.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying so beautifully what I feel every day, every hour. I, too, think of Mark over and over, check for updates each time I come to my computer. And like you, I watch the screen assemble itself with a mixture of hope and dread.

You are a lovely and loving part of this wonderful community. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful touching poem......felt and understood by many.

The connections felt between blogsisters is something very special.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. I too am checking in daily and saying my prayers for them.

madd said...

Sherrie...your words speak so eloquently for so many of us who check in daily to see how Mark and his family are doing who daily send thoughts and prayers their way...feeling a mothers pain and love, fearful and anxious at each post...hoping, waiting...waiting with them for each bit of good news to cling to...so very hard to wait. Thank you Sherrie for this wonderful post you are a special lady and I am so glad to know you...luv ya..m

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