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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Is it a Global warming aficionado?

Or someone getting rich on empties?

Today I was grateful to be able to drive Pepper to work in the torrential like rains. She usually takes the bus. I took the camera, in case I found something photo worthy. On my way home a lady pushing a shopping cart full of bottles, topped with a two wheel bike, crossed the path of my stopped car. It seemed surreal, in the down pour, out of no where, at nine in the morning. It was a weird moment that took me a bit to process, I decided to go back to get a picture. So I turned my car around, stopped nonchalantly on the side of the road.
Patiently waited for her to pass by. I may not have been discrete enough, instead of walking past so I could get the picture, she turned down a dead end road! This is the best I could do. She stopped in front of a house, abandoned her bottles on the road, then walked up the driveway. She either lived there, or walked brazenly up to their recycle bin to root for bottles. Again I turned my car around, but by the time I returned for a better picture, she had magically disappeared. I guess she was getting in on all the New Years eve residuals ….It’s really true, the early bird does get the worm……in this case the bottles….and what a cost too!


Anonymous said...

oh Amen to any sister that recycles and helps pick up the trash after us..maybe sshe was an angel..? they come in all shapes n sizes..
neat post Ms G. :)
PEace, Kai.

madd said...

Hey you..I hope all is well and the start of your new year sounds wonderful..thank you for being there for me and understanding my quite times of late my friend..I am feeling the other side of it all...looking forward to the new year and taking some deep breaths..:) luv ya Sherrie..m

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Such a dichotomy when you see this in a middle-class suburbian neighborhood ... reminds me of a study that said most of us are one paycheck away from economic disaster. Makes one think about what this particular woman's story is.

Much peace and Many Happy New Year's wishes to you and yours dear Sherrie! JP

Anonymous said...

I used to see someone like this when I lived in Blackheath (London). She scoured the neighbour's trash for bottles, but no one seemed to know where she came from or where she lived. Hope the rains let up! BTW I gave Typepad your IP address and they said they'd "whitelist" it - may take a day or two, but the problem should be corrected. Thanks for your patience! xo

Anonymous said...

Last year I saved cans to recycle...It was the biggest mess...stomped on the cans(Whenever the wind blew they were all over).... finally took six months worth to recycle...I got $11.00...Nope not me anymore...Now I put them in the recycle bin just to contribute to the abundance of the planet....someone may need the $

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