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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Polar Bear Swim

For years my friend Laura (in the orange hair) does the annual Polar Bear swim, with her sister, cousin and a friend. This year was the 87th annual New Years day swim, in freezing cold water….brave souls that they are, it’s just not my thing. Most years they end up on the Local News, or in a Vancouver Paper. Brrrrr…..

My brother brought his kids over for an impromptu visit last night, we amalgamated our planned dinners, I added a Greek salad, put out all my Christmas baking, then we played cards. What a grand evening, talking and jesting with my thirteen year old niece, while Bryan and my Nephew played video games. I’m still in Christmas mode, delaying the dismantling of my Christmas decorations. It’s a rare feeling! By now I’m usually frustrated with the clutter, needing things cleared up. Instead, the spirit lingers, as I enjoy the lights, and solace of the room.

Today I am grateful that I had my brother over last night, with only half an hour notice.


Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine going into the freezing cold water like that! But I'm all for people doing their own thing!!

You have a very handsome brother!

Terri /Tinker said...

Wishing Lisa, and her family, peace and much love at this sad time.
Wishing you and all our Glitter Sisters a much happier new year. xo

Anonymous said...

Polar Bear swimmers are really beyond me. I just can't imagine wanting to do that. Yikes. Your blog is always so very alive with color, visuals and just your general energy. You are a very interesting soul.

Enjoy, laugh, love and always dance.

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