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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Last Years Birthday

Peppers twenty first Birthday is just around the corner! She’s already legal at nineteen here in Canada! Originally she’d planned to go visit Vegas for her twenty first, but that won’t be happening. There’s a big blitz to get passports before the end of January! That’s when it becomes mandatory to board any flight into the United States from Canada.Thousands are lining up all over Canada, even then there will be a six to nine week wait!

It got me to thinking about Peppers birthday last year. In the October of 2005 I was driving Pepper to work. We were singing Freakers Ball along with my Dr. Hook cd, when Pepper mentioned that if they ever play a concert she’d like to attend. I laughed flippantly, telling her that wasn’t likely because they were so old they were probably dead. They started the bar circuit around 1968, and gained notoriety in the seventies. Adamant that I be aware of her desires, she repeated that she wanted to go if they ever presented a concert here.

Two weeks had gone by since that conversation; I had just started dabbling with the online dating thing. I was talking online to this music buff, jesting about singing in the car to Dr.Hook, testing his sincerity. Nonchalantly he informed me that they were coming to our area. I didn’t believe him mainly because I’d experienced some men who were deceitful. He asked me to wait; quickly got all the information then emailed it to me. Sure enough Dr.hook was playing on Peppers birthday in the vicinity. I couldn’t believe it. So I called the venue for tickets. Bryan and I had wanted to surprise her, but she isn’t good with surprises, getting harsh anxiety at the mere suggestion of one. We had to tell her so she didn’t become physically ill. There were a few squeals of ecstasy when she discovered what we were planning for her Birthday Day.

The night before the concert we had a huge storm and power outage, fortunately the venue had power. Ray Sawyer forgot a quite a few of the lyrics, but the concerts was still pretty terrific and Pepper was quite forgiving at his lapse in memory. We tried to get her an autograph but they were long gone after the show. Probably needed to have a prune juice and get to bed.

To date Pepper's seen, Bob Dylan, and the Rolling Stones in concert, which I haven’t. I often wonder if my child is psychic, there are just too my instances, that are more than coincidences!


Brian said...

Makes you feel real old when all the artists of your youth are now classics. And then your young, 21 *sobs*, child likes the music too.

Anonymous said...

LOL..I remember seeing them on the BBC's topofthepops show, I think Noel Edmunds introduced them when he was a radio one DJ..
AWEE the nostalgia of being ancient.. :)
PEace, Kai.

Anonymous said...

I am laughung my arse off reading your descriptions! Haw! WE call it Geezer Rock! THat includes the Stones! Omy gosh...still laughing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know they were still performing! I was a fan of their early music too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know they were still performing! I was a fan of their early music too.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Yes, perhaps psychic ... amazing serendipity!!

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