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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Poetry Thursday " Crying Hearts"

Today is Poetry Thursday; I opted out of structuring a poem using someone else’s sentence. I was moved to write Crying Hearts instead!

Crying Hearts

His heart is crying,
in unison with hers,
Upon reflection,
admitted disconnection,
it’s not time to be addressed.
It stays repressed,
concerns of today
controls tomorrow
their existence,
their routine.
With insistence
they both glom
to the frailty,
of the casualty.
bleary eyes hide
behind cheery
as life rearranges
mundane endeavors.
their hearts cry,


Anonymous said...

Great, bittersweet poem - a reminder that sometimes things don't work out as they should.

Anonymous said...

I wish things would work out the way we ALL want them too. I wish life could be fair once in awhile.

Dani said...

"upon reflection
admitted disconnection"

I like that part the best. I like the rhythm of the words and what it says to me -- that you can know you're not connecting with each other but you don't know what to do.

Brian said...

That is so sad. :(

I hope that we never get to that place.

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