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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Illustration Friday "Communication "

"Hello 911? CAT ATTACK, CAT ATTACK!!!"

I did this little picture for illustration Friday with the prompt“Communication” Twix the mouse is frantically making a 911 call! Does anyone know how to find out the prompt ahead of time?

Communication is something I haven’t had time for lately. The days seem to get away from me. Do you ever feel like you need more time in a day? I need to sleep, lately it feels like an inconvenience though. My mind often spins like a top with creative ideas. If I don’t watch television with the timer on before slumber, then my mind racing to write. I feel like hopping up to get it all down, but know the exhaustion must be heeded!

I worked on some art last night that I have to wait to share. Although my friend only reads my blog on occasion, I still don’t want to spoil her surprise. It’s my first one, but I want one too! I’ll post it as soon as she receives it! I have to bake it yet….some of you may already know what it is! Can you guess?

I’m having the goddesses over for a Birthday Celebration tomorrow! I’m making Thai salad and cleaning the house today. If possible I may bake some once a month cookies too! I’ll post the recipe later if I have a moment!


Lucy said...

I know what you mean about Not enough time in a day! At least you got your house cleaned, that's what I've been finding the least amount of time for.
Great illustration!

Janet said...

That is the best interpretation of Communication I've seen!! Love the expression on the cat's face!

And I also like the quote by Emerson.

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