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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Scribblings " Still Puzzled"

Where is this little on NOW?
I applaud anyone brave enough to read past this disturbing photo!On my google search it was difficult to locate pictures of this time. Yet I remember it so well! Many devastating pictures flashed on the television screens, and posted in papers. I wondered then, as I wonder now, why governments sat apathetically unmoved! I became more steamed as my search progressed. It’s as though these brutal acts have be obliterated out of the search engines. WHAT????….. were all the photos burned??? Of course it’s difficult to view them…….these victims should be acknowledged forever, lest we forget!
Sunday Scribbling
Still Puzzled

It puzzles me
How a superior nation
Can endorse
An arms invasion
Of a country rich in oil
When living just
Across the land
A crying nation stands
Dying of aids and poverty
Orphans are left in flocks
To fend alone in devastation
Still ignored
by the richest nation
It puzzles me
How they pay no heed
To those who call out
It desperate need
From civil war violations
Women and children
Rapes, mutilations
Barbaric circumcisions
Forced limb amputations
It puzzles me how a rich regime
Could sleep at night,
Much less dream
When people in their country
Beg for relief
Destitute from a Hurricane
In a state of disbelief
I’m puzzled how a
Man can be born
a certain shade of skin
for doors to be shut
tightly locked on a whim
his voice unheard,
with no assistance
Perplexed people
wonder why
so much resistance
Have we come as far
as we profess?
Or shall we resurrect Mr. King?
And take HIS test?


Gemma said...

Right On Sherrie!

gautami tripathy said...

Very hard hitting! We need such questions asked for the powers that are, to answer. Glad I got to read this.


Tammy said...

Sherrie! Suffering of all nations is falling on deaf ears as countries focus on who has more power! Shame, shame shame.

Beautiful words here and I'm going to have to steal your CD collection as you keep introducing me to soulful artists. Thank you!

paris parfait said...

Brilliant poem! Amen, amen and AMEN! Bravo!

Kai said...

Only the bravest of women (and men) as the most difficult questions for fear they might hear the answer..

You have courage..
PEace, Kai.

Maryellen said...

I have an unfortunate opinion, and thus proposed answer. Dirty rotten stupid money and how it translates to empty theoretical power that people buy into.

Those who have too much of it and those who are so satiated by it that they no longer feel compassion for their fellow beings.

Remiman said...

You felt this one in your heart, I can tell!
Good job,

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