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Monday, March 19, 2007


A calorie free world would be insatiable to me
No goodies to enjoy, in a home laden with soy, rice cakes and diet soda
Give me milk, home baking, food shopped from the outer edge of the grocer
it may be a purported enemy in the end, but no fat free for me.

I could move more, away from the computer, fly around, see sunlight
I could eat less Canadian cheese, throw out my white flour
But how would I make my moms traditional recipes and some of mine too
Excuses all of them, my daughter doesn’t diet, she’s always been slender

In their house, a thirteen year old is monitoring what she eats,
She’s a beauty who has an unreasonable goal weight for a girl so tall
Only a few months ago I witnessed her gobbling food as though she was ravenous
What’s eating her, what is she filling up I wonder, is she like I was, sure hope not!

Thirteen year olds should be giggling with other girls, watching movies,
Having junk food nights, doing manicures, and making prank phone calls
They should be too busy, with chores, activities, home work to worry about weight,
Instead they agonize over divorced parents haggling visits, niggling who pays what!

It’s a different world, with everyone scattered for god knows what,
No daily dinnertime rituals, jumping to clear dishes, everyone bustling
As though it’s too painful to be quiet, connect, reflect events of the day
No minutes to spare, partners work opposite shifts, dropping kids here an there

But we will appear lovely to the world, with our toned bodies
Immaculate homes, tanned skin, perfect hair streaks, and brand new cars
Eating brownies on the sly, purging more than old house hold items
Because in the end, the most important thing is being thin!


Vanessa said...

It is just awful isn't it? Oh NO!!!! I can't stand the women from the town I used to live in.. After they have babies, they are in copmpetition to see who gets down to a size zero first! I know. it is all very very scary!

Janet said...

The obsession to be thin is scary! But I have to say I love soy milk and rice cakes....not because of any other reason than I like them!! And I'm far from being thin!! We all have different tastes.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

always enjoy stopping by and seeing the photos; thanks!

LisaOceandreamer said...

There just seems to be no such thing as the size of ones character being more important than the size of ones clothes...and that is sad!! It's a song as old as time and as long as this myth is perpetuated by magazines, media, TV, movies, peers et al...that a persons size defines their worth...it will continue to cause binging, purging, drugs and starving to keep a perceived "normal" and a form of acceptance. This is a subject that really gets me on my soap box!

Lucy said...

that was beautifully stated Sherrie. Isn't it sad? Why can't we all be happy, Full and Healthy!

paris parfait said...

I'm with Lisaoceandreamer - the size of one's character seems to have been pushed aside in favour of body size and fashion sense. It's very very sad that society has become so obsessed with appearance - all flash and no substance. I think that's partly what's wrong w/ the US now - as people are bombarded with celebrity this and celebrity that in the media, they are focused on appearance - and pay no attention to the country falling down around there ears. Sigh. Great, but sad, poem. xo

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