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Monday, March 12, 2007

Art Plates

I worked on these art plates this weekend. The colors are slightly distorted. The square dish is embellished with burnt orange, and purple. Unfortunately the purple looks blue in the photo.

I loved this plate filled with hearts until I applied a second coat of purple, which now looks almost black and is a terrible finish on the plate. The purple in the container is too thick and couldn’t be applied properly. Fortunately I can take it all off with alcohol, and then reapply it before I bake it for a permanent seal. I think the paint may have been out of date, when I bought it, hindering the consistency. In order to have the eye appeal I need, I think I will return the purple and find one with a better consistency. I returned a paint pen to Michaels that had been sealed but was absolutely dry when I opened it. The ones I bought at Opus were the same brand but a better quality. I wonder how many returns Michaels gets and if anyone has had problems with their products. I would think they would sell on a higher volume, therefore have a better turn over, and fresher products. I even tried using a thinning medium.

I’m not totally satisfied with the paisley plate either, also orange, green, and yellow, the next one I will lay out differently. But those are the mishaps that occur when trying new projects! On the upside, the plates were originally $13.00 each, I paid $1.47 at Liquidation World ! What a steal! Now the paint is quite a different story! I guess once you build up your colors it’s not so bad.



I like this 3rd one the most. There in lies diversity of why the theory that any thing we create will please some one.
Go check out the 3 ATCs I got today. I'm thinking you'll like them like I do.

Vanessa said...

I think they are lovely! I do not see any imperfections at all!!!xxo, vanessa

SiouxSue said...

Wow, I love these plates. Beautiful!

paris parfait said...

The plates are absolutely lovely! Don't be such a self-critic - they're wonderful! xo

giggles said...

Thank you ladies I appreciate your supportive comments!

Hugs Sherrie

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