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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chris Sligh You Rock!!!

Too many politics seem to plague the show American Idol. Baylie Brown and Sean Michel kicked off during peliminary would have made for an interesting mix. Instead it's kind of a boring this year, except for my favortie of them all Chris Sligh, if he gets voted off I’m done watching. He doesn’t get the accolades he deserves for an Indy artist. I’m crossing my fingers that he’s the new idol. Win or lose this will be his step into fame! Like so many musicians struggling to be heard he already had a great sounding band called "halfpastforever". I hope Americans support this young lad! As a Canadian I’m hoping Idol doesn’t change this humorous dude with a unique flare. Last night Chris put a new flavor to the song “Endless love”! Although I loved the orginal version, his peppered adaptation was a delightful change!Unfortunately the judges weren’t as impressed as I was!

I won’t watch the excruciating Idol show tonight when someone gets the boot. I hate how they torture the contestants by extending their demise!. It’s cruel the humiliation they put those kids through for the almighty dollar. What ever happened to KINDNESS?

This is personality plus kid! Can’t wait to purchase a Cd done with his artistic interpretation! Heck, if he gets voted off , maybe he will make it to the top faster!


Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping by my poetry thursday post! i'm visiting your site maybe for the first time? i love the artwork. love love love it. my own art is a bit whimsical. i have paisley envy for sure ... those are stunning.

and we have chris sligh in common. he's my favorite this season. as much as the girls' voices are incredible, i'd probably not buy CDs in their style. but i'd buy a chris CD tomorrow. i hope he gets a chance to sing some meatloaf or something b4 the season's done.

Lucy said...

I agree about how mean the boot off show is. Just end their torture quickly for goodness sakes. I haven't noticed how talented Chris is, but I will watch him next week giggles. I Love Lakishas voice.

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