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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Loud and Proud!

Years ago I stuffed a few pairs of nylons to concoct an octopus. It was the main character in a display I made that won my boss a trip to Australia!
In the nineties I drove a black jeep with bright pink fuzzy seat covers and wore huge bows in my hair. Everyone knew who I was. I even had an embarrassing moment at the mall where I was introduced to a woman in my area. She was excited and announced that our kids went to the same school insisting I knew who she was. I didn’t! I was mortified as I stood there dumbfounded by a strange woman professing to know me. She proceeded to describe my jeep, the seat covers, and my many colored hair bows. That was one of those very rare occasions when I was embarrassed; she kept demanding I admit to knowing her. I felt bad, but I seriously couldn’t remember ever seeing her! It was an awkward moment to say the least. I apologized for not knowing who she was! I couldn’t even fake it! The point is, I have always lived loud and proud! Not always a good thing. Now I realize it was the suppressed artist within! Always creating whether behind closed doors or at work. It could be Garfield pumpkins, fun cakes, purple walls, a gingerbread house, or a crocheted blanket. I need to have color in my midst at all times and creative projects. It just fills me up! What is it that fills you up, what would you never want to live without? What do you wish you knew years ago?


Lisa said...

Love these pics. It's the creativity that fills me up, too. I expressed mine through music, although it never satisfied me. I was never passionate about it. I often wish that I had realized how much I would love visual arts when I was younger but, then, I think I'm rather glad that I had something new waiting for me in my 40's. Who knows what could be waiting for me in my 50's...60's???? Wow, thanks for the question. Good way to start my morning. :) (love the hairbows.hehe)

Brian said...

Hi Giggles,

I wish I knew how important love was.

paris parfait said...

Such great photos - hairbows! I had forgotten all about those, although I used to have a hot pink one and a black velvet one. And what I wished I knew when I was younger? How valuable I am; then I wouldn't have wasted time with clueless men. :)

Michelle said...

Hmm, I think I would like a black jeep with pink covers now. That sounds right up my alley, even if it is 2007.

I could never live without my kids and God, and I wish I had known years ago that I was strong.

Thanks for stopping by!

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