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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Poetry Thursday " Loyalty to Red"

Poetry Thursday

This weeks Poetry Thursday prompt has been a wonderful quest for self discovery! I’m much more passionate about red than I first realized, it’s almost sacred to me! My whole life I have worn it with pride, reveled in its beauty, but until last year have never used it for decorating. One room in my home is a burnt red color, and I seldom visit that space! I rarely even plant a red flower. Yet I would have no problem owning a red car, have had many red dresses, and jackets! I adore red plaid and jump at the chance to wear night clothes in red. So this poem was born from meditative thinking about the complexities of red and my love for it!

Loyalty to Red
Oh Red how you dance in my head
Nourishing my soul, you take control
Oh Red how I adore your power
Your blaze of passion, in nature and fashion
You speak to me like no other
You cloak me in loyalty, sovereignty
Distinct allegory
You saber my path in times of fear
You’re my infallible armor staving off
Insecurity, inadequacy, weakness and doubt
You fill my heart with life, lust, liveliness
Oh red your fire burns in ravaging winds
Capturing the attention of the onslaught
You’re absolved by that honed paradoxical allure
Respected, you juice my latent desires
I covet every conceivable notion of your contradiction
Wearing you with pride, dedication, admiration
I will always love and defend your honor
You will never stand alone in allegation
Castigation or decoration!


Brian said...

Giggles, I love, love your loyalty and passion for read. it just leaps off the page and embraces me like a coat. ;)

Tammy said...

I loved this! Your passion and personality are all wraped in red!
Red is usually found in your beautiful art too :)

Natalie said...

This really feels like the product of your meditation on the colour red. Such intricate appreciation of all its different associations for you. Wonderful.

Remiman said...

I know that red looks fabulous on you! It's you.

Lucy said...

red is your color giggles!

paris parfait said...

Oh, fantastic poem! And I love red too! Fire, passion, creativity! My desk and a bookcase are painted red and I have touches of it in five rooms in the apartment. And I'm mad about red shoes! (although I just realised I don't currently own any; must remedy that).

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Great pics and awesome poem Sherrie! I share in your loyalty to red! JP

Vanessa said...

Oh Yes. Red. What a wonderful color with such inspirations of passion, love, depth, and my favorite choice for popsicles and lollipops! Look at those wonderful treats!!!! Yumm!!

Regina Clare Jane said...

This is so you, giggles... I wish I loved red like you do- I might get there yet with this poem!

Pam Aries said...

Cool Poem! Just dropping by to say hi !

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