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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bloggers block!

Lately I’ve been online google searching for wearable art coats, to no avail! Suggestions to any cool wearable art websites would be deeply appreciated! I’m looking for some inspirational, plus sized coats, made with squares of material. I'm in possesion of some bright colored velour material that I want to fashion into a wearable art coat! I have been thinking about this for way too long! Now is the time to launch a creation! I’m apprehensive about sizing the squares….not sure how big I want them…I'm not looking for a real quilted look either!
I’m having bloggers block! Is that possible? The last few days I’ve been suffering with a bit of a back ache that consumes me. So instead of whining about my aches and pains I just opted out of posting. Thankfully I woke Tuesday and the nagging ache had dissipated! I was so excited; I almost had pep in my step. A good night’s sleep is imperative to my well being, of course that’s not always possible.

Tuesday afternoon I was invited to see the play “Tuesdays with Morrie” at our local theatre. The play was full of wisdom and humor! What more could I ask for! Well more comfortable seats would have been an asset! Okay better for my ass and my friend’s ass….whose is at least four sizes smaller than mine!

The fellow that played the part of Morrie was ancient to say the least…seventy eight was the supposed age of Morrie; Anthony Holland is just a few months shy of eighty six ! His acting was so believable I almost panicked during one scene, when he looked like he was having a real heart attack. Thankfully he’s just a very convincing actor.

I was wondering how the heck he memorizes all those lines when I can barely remember my own cell phone number! In fact the other day I needed my postal code for a return at Michaels, I’m sure I repeated every postal code of every home I ever lived in, except my current one of nine years. In my defense, we just got a new postal code a few months ago, I was trying to remember it, couldn’t, so I tried to fall back on the familiar one! Which threw me into a labyrinth of numbers and letters all mixed together. I became totally befuddled, sprinkle that with a tad of mortification, and my mind was blank. I stood there horrified, unable to recall either of my two postal codes! The cashier kindly let me leave after many frustrating attempts at correcting my jumbled letter number combinations! I’m sure she was so exasperated, that she just filled in the blank with her own!

Both Warren Kimmel and Anthony Holland did an excellent job at keeping my interest, inciting many giggles, and philosophical thoughts! The premise of the play is to live well, give what you can, love and forgive everyone! Make intimate connections with others at all costs before you die! Quit chasing things you don’t really want! In a perfect world it’s a pretty sensible way to live life and what I strive for!


Lucy said...

glad your back is better, I Loved the book but have never seen a play of Tuesdays with Morrie. I love hearing about amazing seniors, that actor must have been super.

Janet said...

Love your artwork. As for the coat I have no idea!! Sorry. But I sure could relate to your postal code dilemma! When someone asks me something like that, kind of out of the blue, I just go into freeze mode! My mind shuts down and I can't think for anything!! So you're not alone....if that helps!

Brian said...

I'm glad you admitted to the memory problems, I'm not the only one that has to write everything down. And then have a separate list for all the other lists. LOL

I don't have any idea about a wearable art coat. How about a kimono? That's art.

Lisa said...

Glad you're feeling better. Sleep is so important! I was cracking up reading about your postal code episode. lol

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Sorry to hear about the back woes, Sherrie .... I know how you feel!

We have a fundraising event every year that is all about wearable art. (Interestingly enough, it starts tomorrow!) Here's a link to the photo gallary part of their website & it may give you some cool ideas: RAGS Guild


Erica said...

Hi, I came across your blog because I had a Google Alert set up for "wearable art" and it picked up your words, I've been making jackets and shirts from fabric sample pieces that I was given and I use a lot of patterns from the Purrfection range http://www.purrfection.com/pawprints/jackets.htm
(I've no connection with them, just a happy customer) I haven't got photos yet of what I've been making but hope to get some up soon

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